Why Conveyer Belt Joint Prone To Cracking, Broken?

Conveyer belt joint strength at lower than normal with the strength. General mechanical connection, strength of joint strength can only be achieved with the 40-50%, cold bonding when the quality is better, the joint strength can reach the heads, and hot glued joint strength can reach the result (connection method, defect-free). Due to joint parts of strength than lower, if stick received method not right, joint of strength on will more low, as surgery, and polished Shi injury and the Xia a layer cloth, and polished excessive, and take received length enough, and steps number enough, and stick received joint by with rubber performance bad or has since sulfur failure, and wire rope polished excessive, and wire rope rust,, joint parts of strength will will big discount, in using Shi, easy appeared joint parts disconnect of phenomenon.

In addition, the conveyor without sealing glue, or glue joints direction errors, joint prone to cracking (rubber parts).