What Is The Importance Of The Lap Direction Of The Ribber Belt?

What is the importance of the lap direction of the Ribber Belt?
    We know that in the Ribber Belt of the nose, the tail are each one or two of the tape device, the main role of the tape device is to clean the adhesive tape to clean, so that the tape with rubber With a large friction, the friction on the multi-layer Ribber Belt with a very strong disruption of the cold, so the direction of the Ribber Belt at both ends of the overlap is also very important.
 So that the scraper will not be the edge of the laughed, if the direction of the opposite lap, in the same friction force, it is easy to multi-layer overlapping edge blowing, but the edge of the force From the seam, it will cause the mineral powder, water and other debris infiltration, the rubber belt greatly reduced the service life, so the Ribber Belt to determine the length of the overlap, once again to determine the direction of the Ribber Belt is very important Of a link.
    At the same time also pay special attention to the seamless connection of the tape before the use of tension, should be at least 2h, to ensure that the use of cold glue dry effect.
    The fire-resistant Ribber Belt for coal mining industry has the characteristics of flame-retardant, anti-static and wear-resistant, and this Linyi rubber belt meets the special application environment. How to improve the working efficiency of the flame-retardant rubber belt is also the focus of consumption.
    Control of flame retardant rubber belt running speed, wear materials and the use of fixed pear discharge device should be used as low as possible. Too fast, easy to cause wear. Note that the use of roller, roller is missing, the roller is covered by materials and so will increase the wear of the flame-retardant Ribber Belt. Usually pay more attention to the active part of the flame-retardant rubber belt lubrication, but not oil-stained rubber belt. Found that flame-retardant rubber belt damage, should be promptly repaired to prevent damage to expand, can not make up.
    Flame-retardant rubber belt wear and scrap is the urgent need to solve the current problems in the use of the process to always pay attention to minor details of the changes in a timely manner to solve the problem to improve work efficiency.
 The working cycle is often linked with the service life of the rubber belt, prompting Linyi rubber belt life and ensure the efficiency of the work on the basis of increasing the rubber belt work cycle techniques and methods concise as follows.
      1, to understand the weight of the load, is strictly prohibited to start the load, the reason why part of the product life is short, a large factor is due to tension is too large, premature crack aging, in line with the transport belt to meet the tension of the standard material, Gradually increasing the weight;
      2, belt conveyor head, tail and the middle of the transfer of the transition length and transition methods, the impact of the product life will be great. So try not to appear in the fold, the middle raised and so on;
      3, select the appropriate belt conveyor machinery type of product protection equipment. 4, the problem can be part of the repair, often used in the method of partial heat curing, spray repair Techniques and so on.
 Heat-resistant Ribber Belt to meet the special needs of the application environment, Linyi rubber belt in the processing and production process of the analysis and understanding of the process worthy of our attention.
As the heat-resistant Ribber Belt compound in the screw plastic mill to stay for a short time, it is not appropriate to use chemical plasticizer plastic molding method, and affect the overall effect of tape plastic mixer factors are the speed of feeding, plastic Refining temperature, discharge pore size and baking quality. Feeding speed Feeding speed should be appropriate and uniform, the speed is too fast, the rubber material in the barrel of the residence time is too short, the degree of plastic molding is not enough, it is also easy to uneven, there folder phenomenon.
The size of the porosity of the ribs depends on the degree of plasticity of the compound. The porosity is small, the discharge speed and the amount of the discharged rubber are reduced, the residence time of the compound in the barrel is long, and the heat-resistant rubber belt Plasticity is too large, the production efficiency will be reduced. In the corresponding process requirements should be carefully chosen.