The Rapid Development Of Domestic Teeth Belt

The rapid development of domestic Teeth Belt
 Teeth Belt is an important part of belt conveyors and is an important category for rubber products. China's tape industry after 40 years of development, has become a tape production and consumption power, tape production capacity has been among the best in the world. At present, China's production of Teeth Belt mainly wire rope Teeth Belt, cable Teeth Belt, nylon Teeth Belt, flame retardant Teeth Belt and ordinary pleasure belt and other varieties, widely used in a variety of belt conveyor production and maintenance. Especially in recent years, with the continuous development of market economy, market changes to tape manufacturers injected new vitality. At present, China's tape industry has made great progress in the scale of production, product quality, product research and development, and the overall production is synchronized with the international level, which can meet the needs of the internal market and also have certain export capacity.
 Teeth Belt in industrial production to find that the use of more popular, food production, construction industry, and so on the use of many industries. Different industries use Teeth Belt's life is different, the food industry on Teeth Belt wear less, life will certainly grow a lot.
Extending the Teeth Belt service life is the first to be used correctly, to avoid the roller is covered by the material, resulting in rotation is not working to prevent leakage of material between the drum and tape, pay attention to Teeth Belt active part of the lubrication, but not with oil, Words are broken. Teeth Belt's limited capacity, can not be overloaded, if the use of the process of deviation should take timely measures to correct. If it is local damage, should immediately repair, to avoid damage continue to expand. Note the use of Teeth Belt details, the proper use of Teeth Belt in the extended life of the process of significant results.
 Teeth Belt uses a wide range of industries, the industry is also more involved, each industry on Teeth Belt use requirements are not the same, the user can not force a variety can be widely used in each industry. Teeth Belt is one of the more widely used, but not all industries can use.
Teeth Belt needs to use the conveyor to drive, if the transport machine in the operation of the impact will be great, must use a lot of different measures, small places should also be noted, or have the key to the actual use of maintenance, Pay attention to the details of the maintenance of ah, small local small details to protect in place.
Each industry requires different use of Teeth Belt, according to industry choice, to be more effective, cost savings, without frequent replacement Teeth Belt, save time and improve work efficiency.
 Teeth Belt in the course of the use of wear is normal, we can not avoid the emergence of wear and tear, can reduce the degree of wear and tear, through some techniques to reduce the loss caused by wear and tear.
The reason for Teeth Belt's wear is the back and forth operation, the friction of the transmission equipment, the friction of the items on the Teeth Belt, which can reduce the lubrication effect of the equipment and reduce the wear.
In addition, due to Improper adjustment of the Skirt of the Teeth Belt press or improper design of the skirt, it will cause the skirt to wear Teeth Belt during operation, resulting in serious wear on both sides of the Teeth Belt. The entire tape is longitudinally oriented. Cord or nylon core, once the polyester tilt, easy to entangled to the roller, resulting in wire ribbon or tape tearing, more serious than the loss of wear and tear. The reason for finding Teeth Belt wear is much more convenient to implement measures to reduce wear.