The Rapid Development Of Domestic Ribber Belt

The rapid development of domestic Ribber Belt
 Ribber Belt is an important part of belt conveyor, rubber products is an important category. China's tape industry after 40 years of development, has become a tape production and consumption power, tape production capacity has been among the best in the world. At present, China's production of Ribber Belts mainly with wire rope Ribber Belt, cable Ribber Belt, nylon Ribber Belt, flame retardant Ribber Belt and ordinary pleasure belt and other varieties, widely used in a variety of belt conveyor production and maintenance. Especially in recent years, with the continuous development of market economy, market changes to tape manufacturers injected new vitality. At present, China's tape industry has made great progress in the scale of production, product quality, product research and development, and the overall production is synchronized with the international level, which can meet the needs of the internal market and also have certain export capacity.
 We know that in the rubber conveyor belt of the nose, the tail are each one or two of the tape device, the main role of the tape device is to clean the adhesive tape to clean, so that the tape with rubber With a large friction, the friction on the multi-layer rubber band with a very strong disruption of the cold, so the direction of the rubber band at both ends of the overlap is also very important.
Figure 4 shows the direction of friction and belt direction of operation is the opposite, so that both sides of the tape when the overlap with each other to make the upper tape and run the same direction, as shown in Figure 4 arrow direction.
    So that the scraper will not be the edge of the laughed, if the direction of the opposite lap, in the same friction force, it is easy to multi-layer overlapping edge blowing, but the edge of the force From the seam, it will cause the mineral powder, water and other debris infiltration, the Ribber Belt greatly reduced the service life, so the rubber band to determine the length of the overlap, once again to determine the direction of the rubber band is very important Of a link.
    At the same time also pay special attention to the seamless connection of the tape before the use of tension, should be at least 2h, to ensure that the use of cold glue dry effect.
 Ribber Belt with a wide range of use, involving more industries, each industry on the use of the rubber band is not the same, the user can not force a variety can be widely used to each industry. PVC Ribber Belt is one of the more widely used, but not all industries can use.
PVC Ribber Belt needs to use the conveyor to drive, if the transport machine in the operation of the impact will be great, must use a lot of different measures, small places should also be noted, or have the key to the actual use of maintenance, Pay attention to the details of the maintenance ah, small local small details in place to protect.
Each industry on the use of different requirements of the Ribber Belt, according to industry selection, can be more effective, cost savings, without frequent replacement of Ribber Belt, save time and improve work efficiency.
 Commonly used Ribber Belt a lot of class, according to different use of environmental choice, Ribber Belt manufacturers do all aspects of support to adapt to a variety of environments. Belt conveyor is the most commonly used conveyor, adaptability is very wide, reliable operation, you can contact the work of the strong, this is the biggest user requirements, can be more long-term use.
Ribber Belt manufacturers use belt conveyor equipment is simple, easy to operate, Ribber Belt is one of the important components, combined with other accessories to complete the delivery work. In the conveyor equipment inside there is a tension device, which is mainly used to adjust the belt with the belt to prevent the belt too tight slippery or too loose deviation, there is a transmission device, responsible for the energy transmission, to achieve the final material Of the mobile handling.