The Quality Of Ribber Belt Industry

The quality of Ribber Belt industry
Over the past 20 years, China's tape products developed rapidly, whether it is Ribber Belt belt, or belt varieties are more complete, and with international standards. In the product quality level, pay more attention to timely use of international standards and foreign advanced standards. Has more than 30 products of national standards or industry standards. These countries or industry standards are basically based on international standards or foreign advanced standards developed. Which Shanghai regular belt manufacturers also more than 20, each manufacturer has its own professional production of the flagship product. And our company (Shanghai million Asahi Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.) mainly produces the supply of mining machinery used Ribber Belt belt, and the supply of glass manufacturers to use the timing belt, and the supply of roller.
With the steady growth of the national economy and vigorous development, the domestic registered Ribber Belt belt, roller production enterprises nearly 8,000, in addition to countless small production plants, the total production has leapt to the forefront of the world, but China's Ribber Belt belt , The development of roller industry is extremely uneven, the scale of production, the higher the level of the domestic production plant, but twenty or thirty, they occupy the high-end products market, the vast majority of the production plant product level is not high, low technical content. Can only produce commonly used low-pressure Ribber Belt belt, roller products, so the commonly used Ribber Belt belt, roller products, the competition is very intense, the results of competition: the price war with each other, the product into the low-profit era, part of the strength of the production plant out of the brand Road, most of the considerable strength of the production plant together with the flame, and now the Ribber Belt belt, roller market is not the product quality decision price, but the price determines the product quality, because the customer level and requirements are different, similar products formed a lot of price Section, in a price section there are many similar production plants in the competition, each production plant want to get rid of the price war, but in the end still can not get rid of the price war. In line with the principle of sustainable development, hope in the future to healthy competition, the development of new products, to the user more convenience. So in the future hope to see manufacturers to high-quality, high-performance to impress buyers, and procurement staff do not blindly just want to cheap, old saying that no good goods, or justified!