The Principle Of Chemical Force Of Conveyor Belt Is Analyzed By Technical Analysis Of Conveyor Belt

The principle of chemical force of Conveyor Belt is analyzed by technical analysis of Conveyor Belt

In rubber Conveyor Belt chemical force and the combination of rubber mixing process under the action of law, is essentially a chemical process, the Conveyor Belt manufacturer in mixing process, mechanical force of rubber and chemical factors work together, make the rubber and compound is evenly spread out, the preparation of more high quality rubber processing, due to the effect of mechanical force is not only a rubber macromolecule chain rupture, scatter of granular compound to rubber and compound mechanical mixing together, and it is more important is can make mixed gel form a multiphase structure, so that the rubber mixing radically change, in under the action of mechanical force, if or latex was prepared by solvent method is the same component of the transportation belt, rubber is not formed in combination with the structure of the rubber, if such a rubber under the action of mechanical force, can combine the conveyer belt structure, then its performance is greatly improved;

When mixing operation at the scene, polyester Conveyor Belt of rubber molecules within the active filler to the particle surface solid combination of physical and chemical, makes the surface of the part of the rubber with carbon black particles, generate insoluble in organic solvents of rubber, carbon black gel, referred to as the belt with rubber, there are several possible reasons for the formation, one is the rubber molecules adsorbed on the surface of carbon black particles by the van der Waals force, the second is in rubber mixing rubber molecules, by macromolecular radicals combined with active site on the surface of the carbon black particles, or the activity of carbon black aggregates generated after the bursting of a new surface directly with rubber molecular reaction and combination of the three is rubber molecular entanglement in of the molecules and carbon black particles or with the occurrence of crosslinking, huaxing Conveyor Belt manufacturers after multiple analysis of experimental data, the main related to the following several factors:

(1) the pattern of rubber Conveyor Belt packing particle size, structural, surface activity and consumption in general, small particles, specific surface area is big, high structural, packing pattern of active big rubber Conveyor Belt filler particle size, structural, surface activity and consumption in general, small particles, specific surface area is large, the structural high, active large packing is easy to generate combined with rubber, with the increase of dosage of filler, the number of generated in combination with rubber will increase, and coarse particles, surface active low almost won't generate associative rubber packing;

(2) large activity in the high strength Conveyor Belt, rubber, such as natural rubber and other diene rubber, easy to combine with filler to produce chemical reaction generated rubber, active smaller saturated rubber such as butyl rubber and ethylene propylene rubber were difficult to generate combined with rubber;

(3) mine Conveyor Belt mixing time is long, is the number of generated in combination with rubber relatively increased, mixing cycle, but in the early combination of glue to generate fast, later will gradually slow down, until after a long time even extend the parking cycle will only stabilise, generally raise the temperature of industrial rubber belt mixing, can increase the combination of rubber production, therefore, in the high temperature mixing when combined with rubber generation will be more, raise the temperature to promote saturated rubber generated in combination with rubber has a very important role, therefore, rubber Conveyor Belt manufacturer in saturated rubber mixing, usually with high temperature and chemical heat treatment after mixing, in order to increase quality combined with rubber generation;

Through the practice analysis, the effect of rubber belt binding is mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

Is a Conveyor Belt can be broken and in the process of carbon black in the mixed evenly dispersed, but at the beginning of the mixing process, namely, carbon black rubber crumb was broken and scattered, such as the production of early combined with rubber too much, because it's covered in black gathered in vitro and formed a larger epidural hardness, it will make the high concentration of carbon black rubber mass is difficult to further broken and scattered, so for not high saturation of diene rubber, natural rubber, in particular, the early mixed mixing conditions should be strictly controlled, try to avoid mixing temperature rise too much, so that the combination of carbon black and only happens between rubber co., LTD., but for saturated or low unsaturation of butyl rubber and ethylene propylene rubber and so on, at the beginning of the mixed must use high processing temperature, to ensure that generate the appropriate output combined with glue; Can also improve dispersion of carbon black and accelerate the dispersive mixing speed, after waiting for carbon black aggregates were broken and scattered, namely mixed later, further improve the mixing temperature, it can generate more combined with rubber, nylon Conveyor Belt for mixed with glue play a role in stability, because has been carbon black particles dispersed evenly appearance of bread was covered by a layer of hardness larger combined with rubber membrane, can act as a kind of solvation isolation effect, prevent the carbon black dispersion particles agglomeration, which have the effect of mixing rubber stable quality.