The Energy Saving Application Of Belt Conveyor

Energy saving and environmental protection has become an important part of social development and theme. Machinery used is the focus of, accurate use of machinery and equipment, was the first. So how accurate energy-saving use of belt conveyor?

Tape transport machine main is by wire rope core tape, and supporting roll, and drum, and middle frame and support push, constitute, it widely to application in mine, and metallurgical, and coal, and port, and power station, and building materials, and chemical, and light, and oil, all career, used to transport lax material or into pieces items, according to transport process requirements, can single Taiwan transport, also can more Taiwan constitute or and other transport equipment constitute level or tilt of transport system, to meet not as placed type type of job line need. Tape transport machine structure simple, standardized parts, repair facilities, transportation, repair simple operation, low operating costs, applicable to a wide range of features. Long distance belt conveyor is a kind of large volume shipment of equipment, delivery of continuous, reliable, and high degree of automation, equipment protection, small amount of homework, and total factory control system networking management, delivering lines by placing terrain have to plow their fields and low and relatively stable during transport of materials, less dust, less environmental pollution.

Accurate tape transport machine, the effect will be reached by a multiplier. Energy use is the use of variable frequency drives, to complete long distance conveyor belt carrying case of soft start, soft parking, energy generation, energy feedback, the idling speed with test function. Energy plays a very important result. Spare parts for conveyor rollers and equipment also plays a very crucial results. Good use of conveyor accessories, replacement frequency of goods will be longer, so you can save time, time is money. That remains valuable to be able to repay.

It is conditional in particular coal mine when the job application on the use of time, mainly in the belt width, transport up the slope angle point, rack, slot type, rules of perspective. Its methods can be divided into three categories. Are: fixed type, open type, hanging, which can, according to the operation of the selection you want. Belt width 650mm, upward slant angle must be greater than 6 degrees, this is the most crucial, but also a safe limit, oblique angle, if small, due to the roller and friction belt. Belt will stop, so the slope is very important. Channel point ≤ 60 degrees; above are broken catch several of the most important rules of the job, according to the instructions on the operation, if there is anything you don't see to understand. Telephone consultation, not a blind figure, not only a waste of time, but also may cause faults, just next to our jobs look a little can.