The Choice Of Fire Hose Is To Pay Attention To What Aspect

The choice of Fire Hose is to pay attention to what aspect

How should users choose Fire Hose? The conveyor belt manufacturers remind you to consider the following considerations:

On the morphology and structure of the Fire Hose: different types of transportation mode, such as flat, grooved, large dip Angle, bending and conveying of turning, box, tubular, enclosed conveying, and conveyors, etc., these different transportation mode depends on the conveyor belt transmission capacity, and will be affected by the limitation of terrain and environmental conditions, is to determine heavy rubber belt tensile body material, the size of the structure, the factor of safety, need the premise that the length of the belt;

Fire Hose with core material, selection of structure: the performance of the conveyor belt and belt core material, the relationship between structure and the layer number is large, low cotton canvas multilayer transportation belt strength, layer number is much, not fatigue resistance, easy to mildew corrosion, weight big, high energy consumption, nylon Fire Hose high strength, elasticity, light weight, shock resistance and bending resistance performance is good, its tank performance is good, mouldproof, water resistance and other properties are better than the cotton canvas as skeleton of ordinary Fire Hose, its defect is large elongation, when tighten schedule can be set longer give priority to choose nylon rubber belt, polyester belt core strength similar to cotton lun, with all the benefits of the nylon tape, its elastic modulus is higher than the nylon, small elongation, good dimensional stability, is an ideal industrial commonly used transportation belt, and high strength of steel cord conveyor belt, into a good groove, small elongation, taut short journeys, especially suitable for large capacity, high speed, long distance transmission requirements;

Cover options: the choice of cladding covering materials, surface morphology and thickness of the main components of the coating is all kinds of rubber and plastic, in most cases, the climate of rubber belt will be able to work under the condition of dip Angle is not greater than the boxer, and flame retardant conveyor belt running normally dip below one hundred and twenty degrees, the main body skeleton material, though less rubber elasticres ilience, but has good flame retardancy, discharging and cleaning, and for a variety of rubber performance difference is very big also, such as natural rubber, butylbenzene rubber has good energy absorption and abrasion resistance, ethylene propylene rubber special heat-resistant, butyl cyanide rubber oil resistance good, BingDing chemistry base rubber heat resistance and resistance to oxidation, so choose what types of cover material, must according to the types of commonly used conveying material, operating conditions and working environment to comprehensive consideration;

And the increase of coating thickness to improve the impact resistance of rubber Fire Hose and antiwear performance, especially in today's cotton canvas belt core has replaced by the synthetic fabric belt core, core performance has been greatly improved, and the relative thickness thinning, in order to make the overall performance of the overall increase, it is necessary to improve the coating thickness, accordingly in order to give full play to its advantages, improve the service life of the conveyor belt, but under the cover thickness will make heavy heat resistant conveyor belt running resistance, this need to pay attention to; It is important to note that the resistance of the heat-resistant conveyor belt is larger.

Additional technical knowledge: normally when designing the thickness of the tape covering the main basis is based on external factors such as material of circular conveyor belt on the job of wear rate, different time of the material conditions, rubber conveyor belt cover the heat resistant properties, impact resistance and cycle in the belt conveyor is determined, so the Fire Hose manufacturer recommendations on the belt to choose as long as customers to ensure that the coincidence rate of more than a few points of gb and then chooses the transportation products equipment can be achieved when working in the use of very satisfied effect.