The Basic Classification Of Conveyor Belt

Using industry

Automotive industry-specific special conveyor belt conveyor belt, battery,

Special conveyor belt for frozen food, leisure food dedicated Special conveyor belt conveyor belt, aquatic industry, tire industry-specific logistics industry-specific conveyor belts, conveyor belts, chemical industry, frozen foods Special conveyor belt conveyor belt microwave, food conveyor belts, conveyor belts, climbing, marble, corrugated conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt, packing industry-specific special conveyor belt conveyor belt, entertainment facilities, liquid

Food-specific fruit and vegetable Special conveyor belt, conveyor belt, Special conveyor belts, meat special conveyors, mine-specific conveyor belts, special conveyors, garment factory for cement plant-specific conveyor belts, special glass factory conveyor belt, injection molding industry-specific conveyor belts and other automated systems.


Anti-oil conveying with, and anti-sliding conveying with, and climbing conveying with, and anti-acid alkali conveying heat conveying with, and cold conveying with, and anti-burning conveying with, and anti-corrosion conveying with, and moisture conveying with, and anti-low temperature conveying with, and anti-high temperature conveying with, and resistance oil conveying with, and heat conveying with, and Hardy conveying with, and resistance low temperature conveying with, and resistance high temperature conveying with, and acid alkali conveying with, and flame retardant conveying with.

By material

PVC, PU conveyor belt conveyor belt, polyethylene conveyor belts, plastic chain conveyor belts, modular network conveyor belt, polypropylene, nylon conveyor belt conveyor belt, Teflon, stainless steel conveyor belt conveyor belt.

Degree of heat resistance

① heat resistant conveyor belt: TI-resistant not resistance greater than 100 degrees, T2, T3 is not more than 125 degrees not greater than 150 degrees

② heat resistant conveyor belt: resistance to temperature is not greater than 200 degrees

③ burn resistant conveyor belt (metal net conveyor belt): temperature of 200-500 degrees