Teeth Belt The Diverse Needs Of Different Industries

Teeth Belt the diverse needs of different industries
The name of the Teeth Belt is called the belt conveyor used in the material loading flexible belt, which is used in industrial and mining enterprises, coal industry, transportation industry, agriculture. Metallurgical chemicals and other industries used to transport lumps, powder or pieces of goods as a means of transport, in the name of the daily life has played a very important role.
The Teeth Belt is made of ordinary canvas cotton canvas or nylon fiber cotton cloth mixed with canvas woven, the above generally covered the performance of very good rubber material, after sulfur oxidation, dehydration degreasing made of a special use For the short distance transport, delivery is not much difference, the transport of goods per unit area of the relatively small quality of the delivery device.
In terms of product performance, in order to meet the industrial and mining enterprises, the coal industry and the transport industry of these special industries of special items on the different requirements of transport equipment, Teeth Belt is also divided into heat resistance, burning resistance, wear resistance, acid , Resistant to cold and other different conveyor device, hope that customers in the purchase of products must pay attention to the business details of your transport in a variety of items, so as not to transport and storage environment in the Teeth Belt damage or damage.
How to properly install the Teeth Belt:
① in the toothed coiling on the core to wear a flexible shaft, and will be a good roll, the shelves before the attention, the direction of the next plastic cover not anti-anti.
② In the workplace where the shelves are not suitable, the conveyor belt can be guided and the folded Teeth Belt has a large radius of curvature to prevent damage to the conveyor belt. It is forbidden to place heavy objects on the Teeth Belt.
③ If it is to replace the Teeth Belt, the new belt can be connected with the old belt, unloading and installation of the new Teeth Belt at the same time.
④ For the horizontal operation of the conveyor, at any point to cut off the old conveyor, tilt the direction of the operation of the conveyor, you need to choose a cut point to prevent the decline caused by self-weight and out of control.
⑤ in the conveyor will be put on the new position, with a fixture will be fixed at one end of the tape, and then with the roller and the pulley connected to the rope, through the traction device to balance the rack to the conveyor, To prevent the Teeth Belt and the rack from squeezing each other.
⑥ One end of the Teeth Belt is fixed to the conveyor frame with a jig and the other end is pulled by the pulley until the other end is not sagged on the return idler.
⑦ fix the tension device from the starting point of 100 ~ 150mm
Clothes broken, sewing a few needles can be worn, if it is Teeth Belt wear to how to do it? Xiaobian teach you a more effective way, that is, spraying repair technology, the following is a detailed description of this technology, you can understand.
Spraying technology to repair the Teeth Belt is a new type of solvent-free, non-polluting green construction technology, is also very easy to understand, is the use of high-pressure paint sprayed to the surface of the Teeth Belt wear, thus forming wear layer, Wear effect.
This kind of Teeth Belt repair technology has many advantages exist, such as can be quickly cured, there will be no sagging phenomenon; construction thickness range is very large; with tensile strength, elongation, flexibility, abrasion resistance, Anti-corrosion and other excellent performance; ease of construction and so on.
But there are some aspects of the need to improve, that is, spraying the need for a dedicated equipment package supporting the use of the external repair methods, coordination has some difficulties. But for the Teeth Belt into a piece of local wear and tear, this repair is enough to face the way.