Teeth Belt Production Process

Teeth Belt production process
Should be noted that the Teeth Belt fabrication process: 1, need to know the nature and influence factors vulcanization vulcanized Teeth Belt, as well as to determine and implement methods of the Teeth Belt vulcanization conditions, wherein the curing is at a temperature, time and pressure, kneading The formation of a three-dimensional network structure of the rubber, the vulcanization of rubber to reduce the plasticity, increased flexibility to resist the external deformation of the ability to greatly increase and improve the other physical and chemical properties, so that the rubber has become The use of the value of engineering materials 2, vulcanization is the last step processing of tooth products, vulcanization of the vulcanized rubber on the performance of a great impact, therefore, should strictly control the curing conditions, vulcanization machine two hot plate pressure surface should be mutual Parallel, hot plate using steam heating or electric heating, the plate in the entire curing process, the mold cavity area imposed on the pressure of not less than three MPa, regardless of what type of hot plate, the entire mold area on the temperature distribution it should be uniform, the maximum temperature difference between the same points between the hot plate and each point of no more than once a center point, between two adjacent plates of the corresponding location point temperature does not exceed a time, at the center of the hot plate The maximum temperature difference is not more than 0.5 degrees, common technical specifications for maximum pressure to close two hundred tons, maximum plunger stroke of two hundred millimeters, flat area of 500 multiplied by five hundred millimeters.
Teeth Belt machine at startup, the motor current will be 5-6 times higher than the rated, not only will affect the life of the motor and consumes more power. The system was designed in the motor selection will leave a margin , The speed of the motor is fixed, but in the actual use of the process, sometimes to lower or higher speed operation, so the frequency conversion is very necessary. SAJ frequency converter is a kind of equipment can realize the soft start, by changing the working frequency of the gear machine to achieve energy-saving speed control equipment, and can provide equipment over-current, overvoltage, overload and other protection.
Ordinary tooth belt is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, coal, electricity, metallurgy and other departments, suitable for conveying non-corrosive at room temperature without spikes of massive, granular, powder of various materials such as coal, coke, Cement and other bulk material (material) or pieces of goods, the bulk density of 6.5 ~ 2.5t / m3 transport bulk, granular, powder and other loose material, can also be used for adult goods delivery.