Teeth Belt Prices Are Not High, Mainly To See The Quality

Teeth Belt prices are not high, mainly to see the quality
Now users will be the first to wear Teeth Belt will first focus on the price and quality of the toothed, want to buy the United States and cheap Teeth Belt. I do not know that such things are generally not appear.
Teeth Belt quality is good, the price is generally higher than the average to some. Do not buy for those who do not want to buy the quality of the products are not high.
In the case of a considerable level of production, due to the constraints of production costs, the price will naturally reduce the quality of some less. Quality is the first production criterion. The purpose of our purchase of equipment is to produce, high quality, good performance of the Teeth Belt production efficiency will naturally increase, if we want to buy a small amount of cheap and cheaper equipment, the result is naturally accounted for a small loss.
Rubber Teeth Belt structure is more convenient to understand, it is mainly made of rubber material covering the plastic surface, wrapped in the core with the skeleton of the upper and lower sides, with the isolation layer of adhesive, will cover the glue and Teeth Belt; to make. The rubber Teeth Belt is mainly composed of these parts.
    Ordinary transport belt with a smooth surface, flat and other fine features, we can be divided into the following structural principles:
(1) cover the toothed layer. It is divided into the upper layer and the underlaying layer, and is attached to the outside of the core layer. The use environment of the customer is used to determine whether it is necessary to use a combination of oil-resistant Teeth Belt, cold-resistant, fire-resistant and heat-resistant rubber raw materials.
(2) Teeth Belt center core. This is the main part of the Teeth Belt, which bear the high strength load, according to the strength of the Teeth Belt to match the different materials such as: canvas, nylon cloth NN, polyester EP, wire rope material core, which transport belt with the core can be produced Into a single layer or multi-layer structure.
(3) isolate the toothed layer portion. Which is used for bonding the Teeth Belt with the core, according to the different rubber Teeth Belt and its material is different, in which the coating can be selected according to the following criteria:
(1) ordinary wear-resistant Teeth Belt selection of natural rubber or styrene-butadiene rubber mixed smelting.
(2) resistant to higher temperature (> 150 degrees), the choice of chlorobutyl and EPDM rubber, the highest in the 200 ~ C the following use.
(3) resistant to the use of chlorhexidine diene, Teeth Belt styrene butadiene rubber and natural rubber kneading, but also with flame retardants.
(4) oil Teeth Belt using chlorine J · diene and styrene-butadiene rubber (NBR), if used in combination with polyethylene, can be antioxidant.
In addition to the above-mentioned rubber formulations, it is possible to produce various types of surface structures such as outer convex character patterns, concave or circular holes, Belong to the scope of special transport belt. The choice of rubber determines the nature of the adhesive and the ability to combine the skeleton, for which special natural rubber and synthetic rubber physical and chemical properties.
Teeth Belt daily maintenance have the following points to note:
1 to keep clean, to avoid direct sunlight, rain and snow leaching, to prevent the case with the case, organic solvents and other substances affecting the quality of rubber contact, and from the heating device 1 meter away.
2 storage temperature should be maintained between -15 to 40 ℃, relative humidity should be maintained at between 50-80%.
3 storage in the toothed tape to prevent, not folded, placed during the quarter to flip once.
4 to ensure that the Teeth Belt in the running speed can not exceed 5.0 m / s. Large amount of transport, wear and tear of the material and the use of fixed discharge device should be used when the low speed, beyond the required speed will affect the tape life.