Teeth Belt Manufacturer To Improve Its Strength

The strength of the Teeth Belt is one of its requirements, high strength in the transport process to bear the pressure to extend the service life. Teeth Belt manufacturers to improve the strength of production products is the first to complete the work, if the intensity has not been improved, then the use of the time only in accordance with the scene to decide whether the replacement of the environment, and some goods transport pressure is small, do not need high strength, and Some must be high-strength support to smooth transmission, otherwise the Teeth Belt will cause harm.
The breakage of the Teeth Belt is a big problem encountered during the working process, and the cause of the toothed fracture is often caused by a short peak or too much impact. To improve the impact of the impact of the impact of the tape, it must improve its fracture work. Teeth Belt manufacturers to improve the overall performance and strength of the product to reduce the possibility of fracture, so that the smooth transmission.
PVC Teeth Belt in the industrial production to find that the use of more popular, food production, construction industry, and so many industries involved. Different industries use Teeth Belt life is different, the food industry on the toothed wear less, the service life will certainly grow a lot.
Extend the life of PVC Teeth Belt is the first to use, to avoid the roller is covered by the material, resulting in rotation is not working to prevent leakage of material in the roller and the tooth between the tape, pay attention to the activities of the Teeth Belt lubrication, but not with oil, Band is broken. Teeth Belt running capacity is limited, can not be overloaded, if the use of the process of deviation should take timely measures to correct. If it is local damage, should be immediately repaired, to avoid damage continue to expand. Note the details of the use of PVC Teeth Belt, the correct use of the Teeth Belt in the extended life of the process of significant results.
Teeth Belt in the non-stop operation every day, after prolonged use will certainly be damaged, if it is damaged PVC Teeth Belt is replaced, or repair it This is based on the degree of damage to the Teeth Belt to Jedi, if it is local wear and tear, other parts of the case without any impact can continue to work, especially the edge of the part of the wear and tear has no effect on the operation.
If the local damage is not the same, and the consequences of the word is not the same, if the middle of the local damage, then there is a need to replace the long pull is easy to break, if the situation is not serious can try to repair The If the PVC Teeth Belt is a large area of damaged the proposed replacement.
In addition to the above two cases, there is a kind of adhesive parts damage, if the joint parts of the treatment is not good, the operation will bring the pull will break, affecting the work process.
Rubber Teeth Belt is an important part of belt conveyor and is an important category of rubber products. China's Teeth Belt industry after 40 years of development, has become a Teeth Belt production and consumption power, tooth production capacity has been ranked the forefront of the world. At present, China's production of rubber Teeth Belt mainly wire rope Teeth Belt, cable Teeth Belt, nylon Teeth Belt, flame retardant Teeth Belt and ordinary pleasure belt and other varieties, widely used in a variety of belt conveyor production and maintenance. Especially in recent years, with the continuous development of market economy, market changes to the toothed production enterprises injected a new vitality. At present, China's toothed industry has made great progress in the scale of production, product quality, product research and development. The production is synchronized with the international level in general, which can meet the needs of the internal market and also have certain export capacity.
Steel wire Teeth Belt is generally used for fast, to enhance the amount of the main lift point, vertical and tear accident mostly because the Teeth Belt carrying a sharp iron or a large piece of Frost, these debris in the transport process of the transfer point by the mechanical card In the case of the general case of steel tires occur when the longitudinal torn wire is used to cut off the tear section, and then replace the corresponding length of the new steel ribbon, and then the old and new steel wire with the heat flow than the connection treatment, A head to use at least 20h or so, using a cold bonding will save a lot of time, now on Shanxi Jincheng Coal Industry Group Temple Creek 6.7km East plastic lined steel tires with vertical tear 43m repair process is as follows:
The transport gear bandwidth 1.6m per hour 4m per second, the vertical tear is caused by sharp iron, vertical tear 43m in the front of the 42.5m tear is the iron along the Teeth Belt wire will be transported through the string, The end of the tear, resulting in 15cm wide, 50cm long an oblique, and caused two wires broken. As a long distance, large transport of steel with the use of patch repair work, will not be able to guarantee long-term use effect.