Teach You How To Choose For His Company's Conveyor Belt

To purchase conveying with of enterprise, its factory within using performance stable of conveying with for improve enterprise production efficiency for is work not didn't, but, in selected conveying with of when quality not clearance, such for we of enterprise for not only will drag whole a production of process, also will serious effect to we enterprise production of efficiency, again serious is on is has may effect production out products of quality. A conveyor belt on our enterprise can have a big impact, this time we should be how to choose the right conveyor belt manufacturers and have good quality conveyor belt?

First of all, we want to know the structure, the number of layers of conveyor, and then in accordance with suitable reinforcing materials types, structure, the layer to select. China gradually being replaced by nylon and polyester fabric conveyor belt. Laminated conveyor belt core made from natural fibers to synthetic, multi-layered less layers, of low intensity, low modulus, high strength and high modulus direction. Under normal circumstances, conveyor belt core layer should not exceed 6, EP conveyor belt not more than 5 levels. Core layer more strict requirements on the conveyor belt and the diameter and pulley diameter too small, the resistance increases when the conveyor belt after belt-wheel steering, easy to make cover fatigue wear, at the same time will also increase the core layer of rubber materials, reinforcement, the cover level of fatigue, and thereby shorten the service life of conveyer belt. If it met with the smaller diameter wheels and can not be changed, you can consider increasing the core materials to enhance the strength, in order to reduce the core canvas layers, making conveyor belts and pulleys with better. Cover to choose the right variety, thickness.

Due to conveying with of using life and cover rubber so we need is closely related to, if cover rubber was big area wear, and aging, and damage, such words conveying with of using life on also end has, so we in select conveying with of when, to select right type, and thickness of cover rubber can makes cover rubber and with core has quite of using life, to makes conveying with of value get full play. Consideration of particle size and width of conveyor belt, we should, according to the article choosing the right conveyor belt width the width of the conveyor. Note maximum load conveyor belt: conveyor belt loaded with material on both sides should maintain not less than 0.1B. Still need to see, touch and feel its quality.