Rubber Conveyor Belt And Other Vulcanization Effect Of The Implementation Of The Method

Rubber Conveyor Belt and other vulcanization effect of the implementation of the method
Due to relatively thick tape products vulcanized near the heat source part of the temperature rise fast, away from the heat source part of the temperature rise slowly, uneven, so the various parts of the micro-unit has its own temperature rise curve, have their own degree of curing in the entire process of curing Each of the micro-units in the same curing time, their degree of vulcanization is quite different, the cumulative degree of the various small units in the manufacturing process called vulcanization effect, the same also adapted to the rubber test piece of the curing effect of the calculation; The degree of vulcanization achieved at a certain temperature, at a certain temperature, is determined primarily by the formulation of the compound, in particular the vulcanization system and the vulcanization temperature, which can be varied by varying the vulcanization time when the vulcanization temperature changes The equivalent vulcanization effect at different temperatures, the relationship between the vulcanization strength and the vulcanization temperature coefficient and the vulcanization temperature;

In the actual production of rubber products, how to make the various parts of the product vulcanization effect and the compound test piece of vulcanization effect equal? There are the following methods: the vulcanization effect of each compound has a best effect of the flat period of the largest and the smallest area for the same formula of the vulcanization effect of the compound as long as this flat range, Material performance and the best performance close to or as the best performance for different parts of the different formulations, the direct contact with the heat source of the rubber formula vulcanization effect of the design period is longer, leaving all away from the heat of the rubber formula The maximum effect and the minimum effect of the vulcanization effect of the rubber close to the heat source at the time of the positive vulcanization. The vulcanization effect at 70 ° C for 70 min at 141 ° C is in the range of the vulcanization flat period of the compound and the smallest zone , So the part of the compound can be achieved vulcanization, for the relatively high thickness of the high temperature Conveyor Belt products, the heat conduction of the role of different parts of a part of the temperature rise of the law are different, in fact, in the development of curing time Considering the accumulation of temperature on the curing effect of the accumulation of various parts of the project to achieve the vulcanization of the curing effect should be accumulated in the corresponding rubber formulations of the minimum curing effect The maximum curing effect between the various parts of the vulcanization effect, we must first know the corresponding parts of the temperature, the temperature can be found through the actual parts of the thermocouple buried or computer simulation, so you can get from the product heating, each certain Time interval corresponding to the temperature, the temperature and time mapping, you can get the temperature of a time curve, the part of the vulcanization process in the curing process and the time curve and the horizontal axis of the area surrounded by the material is the vulcanization effect