Ribber Belt With The Most Correct Use Of Rubber

Ribber Belt with the most correct use of rubber
  Ribber Belt with a Ribber Belt will cause serious wear and tear, which occurs under certain conditions. When the working resistance of the ring Ribber Belt reaches the limit of the friction force, the belt will slip at the contact surface with the equipment, The belt can not be normal operation, but also on the belt caused by more serious wear and tear, the process of a lot of heat will be generated, so that the Ribber Belt in the wear and heat under the dual role of continuous damage until the break;
    In order to ensure that the Ribber Belt conveyor equipment to work properly, so mining Ribber Belt must meet the following conditions:
   1, the role of the Ribber Belt on the tension should be made on the transmission drum through the friction force to the belt body, and between the rubber band and the drum must ensure that no slip;
   2, the role of the tension on the belt should be large enough, making the mining Ribber Belt in the two sets of roller between the sag is less than a certain value;
   3, in the long-term use of fatigue damage caused by the Ribber Belt in the ongoing work caused by the cumulative damage caused by the nature of the work of the coal transport belt itself, the belt running time is generally longer, and the interruption of time is short, so In the Ribber Belt production process, the industrial Ribber Belt fatigue damage situation is much larger than other environments, due to the cinder, dust and other entry, Ribber Belt and mechanical equipment on the surface of the friction increases, resulting in the body of the material off, Resulting in the accumulation of materials fall off, in addition to the belt during the transmission of the constant changes in the material, resulting in its internal strength gradually reduced, the damage continued to accumulate, and ultimately caused the state of fatigue damage;
   4, Ribber Belt and other self-quality by the rubber cover, nylon belt with the number of layers, the initial tension, rubber vulcanization and the quality of rubber joints and other aspects of the impact;
    Based on the above analysis, Kunshuo company from the following aspects of how to correctly and effectively enhance the life of coal with rubber tape put forward the following recommended method:
   1, the use of units in the purchase of machinery and equipment, in addition to its own performance testing, the test should also focus on the use of rubber and rubber with the performance of the purchase, you can invite a third party on the belt life To ensure the signing of a reasonable quality assurance contract, the purchase of personnel should also be how to identify the quality of canvas Ribber Belt has a more clear indicators, such as polyester rubber used in the rubber quality and the quality of the vulcanization at the factory, etc. should be carried out More detailed observation and detection;
   2, reasonable installation, timely maintenance of the belt installation angle, the location of the belt with the Ribber Belt in the process of running the size of the friction is closely related, if the installation and the angle of the device and the required angle has a certain deviation in the course of the use , The friction of the industrial Ribber Belt will be greatly changed, and the installation of the Ribber Belt is more closely related to the uniformity of the force, and in the case of uneven force, it is easy to produce uneven deformation , So that it produces a serpentine or other types of deformation caused by ring Ribber Belt scrapped, so in the installation process, the Ribber Belt manufacturers should be asked to install experienced staff to install and ensure that the Ribber Belt installation to meet the requirements, thus Can effectively enhance its service life;
   3, in the Ribber Belt production process, the Ribber Belt after a period of time to run, should be around and drive the briquette and dust to clean up, and to ensure the degree of lubrication of the wheel, in the course of operation, the staff should always pay attention to the ring Ribber Belt to prevent the operation of large size of cinder and other objects to its damage;
   4, the temperature of the Ribber Belt on a regular basis: the level of temperature on the transport belt is a wide range of factors, the temperature is high, the rubber due to temperature easily lead to softening or aging, in the friction, easy to cause more serious Of the wear and tear, the temperature is low, the Ribber Belt will be affected by the gradual hardening, brittle increase in the drive wheel driven by bending under the action of the Ribber Belt surface easy to produce more tiny cracks in the long hours of small cracks in the cumulative state, easy So that the rubber band cracking, thereby reducing the life of heavy Ribber Belt, so if the actual work can not effectively improve the belt with the temperature resistance performance, it should be in the operation of the temperature to detect, to prevent the temperature is too high or too Low damage to the coal Ribber Belt itself。