Ribber Belt Maintenance Method To Help You

Ribber Belt maintenance method to help you
 1, ring Ribber Belt in the transport and storage, should be kept clean, to avoid direct sunlight, rain and snow leaching, to prevent acid, alkali, oil, organic solvents and other rubber material impact of material contact, and from the heating device 1 meter away The
2, the storage temperature should be kept in the warehouse at -15 ℃ - +40 ℃ between the relative humidity should be maintained at between 50-80%.
3, the storage of circular Ribber Belt to be placed in volume, shall not be folded, placed during the quarter should be turned once.
4, ring Ribber Belt running speed should not be greater than 5.0 m / s, transport block large, wear large materials and the use of fixed plow unloading device should be used when the low speed. Exceeding the specified speed will affect the tape life.
5, the conveyor drive drum diameter and the relationship between the Ribber Belt, the drive roller to the roller matching and the requirements of the roller groove angle, should be based on the conveyor design requirements, a reasonable selection.
6, in order to reduce the impact of material on the tape and wear, feeding direction should be along the direction of operation of the tape; material falling to the tape on the drop should be reduced; feeding port should avoid the roller or roller directly above; The material should be shortened and the cushioning measures should be taken. To prevent scraper tape, the scraper device scraper cleaning device and the discharge device and the contact part of the tape should be used with appropriate hardness of the rubber plate, do not use the cloth with a tape head.
7, ring Ribber Belt in the use of the process should pay attention to the following matters:
A, to avoid the roller was covered by the material, resulting in rotation is not working to prevent leakage card in the roller and tape between, pay attention to the activities of the part of the lubrication, but not oil Ribber Belt.
B, and strive to avoid with load start.
C, tape deviation, should take timely measures to correct.
D, found that local damage to the tape should be promptly repaired, so as not to expand.
E, to avoid the tape suffered a frame, pillars or block material block, to prevent the break tear.
 In the design and calculation of ordinary rubber tape thickness and width must be considered at the same time, if too thick (more than 5 layers), in the process of conveying the material with the bending stress and layer between the sliding displacement is too large, will lead to tape off Layer, resulting in early damage, you need to increase the width to achieve the purpose of reducing thickness; the other hand, although the tape is thin but wide, but increased the cost of pulley, and prone to tape longitudinal tear phenomenon.
 The impurities in the rubber are mainly in the latex or miscellaneous plastic collection and processing of mixed substances in the process, some of which are due to tapping when the tree body, plastic cups, glue tongue, plastic bucket and other unclean or wind and rain, low-line tapping As well as improper collection and handling of latex or miscellaneous plastic contamination; some in the process by the dilution into the water; some in the dry, packaging, transportation and storage process contaminated.
    Rubber in the impurities, will reduce the performance of rubber rubber band. Such as tear resistance, intolerance, high heat, tire delamination, etc., on the inner tube and thin products more harmful, often cause leakage or blasting. Therefore, rubber with high impurity content can not be used for manufacturing products with high performance requirements. Determination of the standard impurity content of the standard glue, to control and improve the technical conditions of rubber, improve product quality, determine the use of rubber, are of great significance.