Ribber Belt Is The Main Component Of Material Transportation

We know that in the Ribber Belt of the nose, the tail are each one or two of the tape device, the main role of the tape device is to clean the adhesive tape to clean, so that the tape with rubber With a large friction, the friction on the multi-layer Ribber Belt with a great impact on the cold adhesion, so the direction of the Ribber Belt at both ends of the overlap is also very important.
It can be seen that the direction of the friction and the direction of the belt is the opposite direction, so that both sides of the tape when the overlap with each other to make the upper tape and run the same direction, as shown in Figure 4 arrow direction.
So that the scraper will not take the side of the laughed, if the direction of the opposite lap, in the same friction force, it is easy to multi-layer overlap of the edge of the edge, but the edge of the force It will cause the infiltration of slag, water and other debris, and the service life of the Ribber Belt is greatly reduced. Therefore, it is very important to determine the lap direction of the Ribber Belt again after the Ribber Belt has determined the length of the lap Of a link.
At the same time also pay special attention to the seamless connection of the tape before the use of tension, at least should be placed for 2h, to ensure that the use of cold glue connection effect.
In the world's mining industry and the harbor terminals, large-scale train stations are able to see as the main means of transport Ribber Belt, because of this Ribber Belt connection has become a major issue.
Ribber Belt is divided into multi-layer, steel wire, pvc and other types, and the Ribber Belt of the cold and seamless connection only to adapt to the multi-layer and small changes in the length of the fixed Ribber Belt, not suited to the mining industry stretch belt The cold and seamless connection technology of the multi-layer Ribber Belt is summarized by the long-term practice of the German TIP TOR company.
Determination of connection length of Ribber Belt
Multi-layer rubber conveyor Ribber Belt according to the use of different, select the number of layers, if the length of the lap length selection is a waste of material, while the lap is short will appear to carry the strength is not enough to cause the Ribber Belt tear or broken ACCIDENT.
Ribber Belt is the main component of material transportation, but also an important part of the national economy. With the increase of the level of mechanization and automation technology in China, the demand of Ribber Belt has been increasing year by year, and the specifications have been increasing continuously. It is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, coal, mining, port, building materials, electromechanical, light industry, textile, agriculture and automobile All walks of life. Ribber Belt industry and industrial and agricultural production and people's lives are closely related to China's national economic development and scientific and technological progress play a role.
Commonly used fabric core Ribber Belt is made of natural rubber or rubber such as styrene-butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber and other synthetic rubber as the main compound processing. The oil can penetrate into these rubbers to swell, reducing the strength and other mechanical properties of the rubber. In other words, these rubber on the various oils, organic solvents, the resistance is relatively poor. When the delivery of such materials, the oil will be on the surface of the cover with a plastic coating of such materials, the oil will cover the surface of the plastic with a swelling, erosion, resulting in the surface of the cover with plastic The volume of expansion and expansion of deformation, covering some of the internal functional ingredients with the extraction, which led to the physical and mechanical properties of Ribber Belt decreased service life shortened. The development of oil-resistant Ribber Belts is based on this demand and development. It is made of cotton canvas, polyester and cotton intertwined canvas, nylon canvas, polyester canvas and other skeleton materials, after rolling, molding, curing and other processes from processing, with good oil resistance, suitable for conveying oil materials and some may be oily, Chemical solvents are used under working conditions.