PVC Hose Through The Electricity Business To Increase Product Sales

PVC Hose through the electricity business to increase product sales
Now a variety of social products sales channels more and more diversified, especially the extensive application of e-commerce is to businesses and customers to bring a lot of convenience. Such as metal hoses, stainless steel hose industry involves a very wide, this relatively simple thing, PVC Hose is not very difficult to understand things more suitable for online sales. In addition, we understand, more mature things, through the network of metal hoses, stainless steel hose business to develop network sales channels, both with a comprehensive category or professional online mall, you can also build their own network marketing system independent operation. Regardless of the mode, metal hose, stainless steel hose business development of e-commerce, PVC Hose to develop network sales channels, because the line of business, brand, channel, customer and other resources support, more likely to be successful.

In terms of price, the traditional business line under the support of the business, in the supply chain management, PVC Hose storage and distribution system is also relatively perfect, and these resources are both, give full play to these advantages later, for many online shopping The crowd to provide efficient and low-cost logistics and distribution services. In the brand and customer groups, metal hoses, stainless steel hose enterprises engaged in industrial operations, from the scale of funds, brand integrity, social awareness has inherent advantages. PVC Hose When the metal hose, stainless steel hose business into the field of e-commerce, their promotion and penetration can get the support of the original brand, but also a certain customer base, easier to break through the integrity and promotion of obstacles, access to high-speed development.
If the hose and PVC Hose nominal pressure caused by the different, the pressure of the hose assembly to take a lower value of that. Do not operate the machine without private training. 457 can also be supplied with v4a logo, in the chemical industry is the scale material. - If the hose assembly's own weight will be additional pressure, must be used to support the assembly. Hansa-flex product scale also contains anti-ozone hose. 45 degrees Bend joint: thread specifications: British thread (g) Product material: a, c, f parts are made of high quality steel. PVC Hose It can be connected with the din2353 and din en iso 8434-1 steel pipe fittings, the female connector with o-ring seal, used in high pressure hydraulic system. Stainless steel towline running up to 5m / s speed, high acceleration up to 5m / s and speed, acceleration depending on the operating conditions may be, operating life in the normal overhead situation, up to 5 million contacts between the number of times (specific Life depends on the running situation). 4 grounding resistance test sampling test pipe connector grounding resistance, should meet the gb / t 52 junction and the box into 90 degrees, thick zinc alloy, beautiful appearance, the structure of careful, high strength. 11 pipe joints should be used as appropriate to adopt appropriate anti-rust measures. The pressure will also affect this effect, the effect will lead to gas or gas fuel loss or concentration concentration.