Professional Guidance For Mechanical Physics Of Ribber Belt

Professional guidance for mechanical physics of Ribber Belt

Ribber Belt conveyor design and examples of calculation under the detailed guidance: industrial Ribber Belt with open and closed the resistance can be ignored, and the volume of material flow and internal friction is the main part of the bending resistance material, when the Ribber Belt, material accumulation with wider thicker worsened the bending resistance of the material for a large proportion in the main resistance;

Under gravity conveyor belt and materials, rubber conveyor belt in the conveyor roller support prolapse, formed between the vertical under relatively close to the catenary, when conveying belt movement, deformation of material flow on the curve occurs periodically, volume deformation is characterized by the middle route of the belt can withstand the pressure and cannot sustain tension, further to say, when the deformation of material, energy loss coefficient of materials can be divided into active and passive stresses two kinds of state, in the buffer roller support volume flow minimum curvature radius, with the movement of conveyor belt, when the movement to turning point bending curvature radius becomes infinite and move forward again, curvature radius decreases, the turning point in the curve of the center of curvature is the location of the mutant negative position, in the middle of the two sets of roller support, the material flow from the roller support to run low, volume flow section rotation, the material stress in a passive state, from the lowest to the parallel roller support movement, volume flow section will rotate, the material will be in the active stress state;

In the belt roller support, Ribber Belt manufacturer after analyzing its minimum bending radius of curvature, curvature center at the bottom of the circular Ribber Belt, when the curvature radius at the turning point for infinity, and when in the center of curvature at maximum deflection point above the heat-resistant Ribber Belt, and there is a lot of curvature radius, and the material is in the unit volume changes, this change must have the effect of the bending moment, bending moment and corner is equal to the material from the belt roller support to tape the biggest sag to the physical energy provided by the unit, if there is no internal friction, material internal absorption ability is equal to the release of ability, in this way, there is no energy loss, there would be no material bending resistance, when the material cross section is slotted, assuming trough the centerline of the deformation of the Ribber Belt is peace in the same position that is at the bottom of the trough, still can use the above rules to compute, if trough the same conveyor belt, the side can produce a stretch or shrink stress of rising or falling, in theory, the channel volume flow calculating bending resistance is equal to the rectangular volume flow, under the condition of Ribber Belt width is equal, the material thickness of the rectangular section is far less than the material thickness of the channel section.

The bending rigidity of flat Ribber Belt is very small, in the sag can be ignored when calculating the bending stiffness, thus become the catenary, nylon Ribber Belt on roller bracket is forced to form a trough, to determine the curvature radius of grooved belt with a groove bending rigidity, bending rigidity, of course, to take larger bending rigidity, its elongation depends on the groove Angle and core of longitudinal elastic modulus, due to the effect of bending and trough of the canvas Ribber Belt of the biggest stress points in the fiber ends the farthest point from the center line of the trough, if heavy Ribber Belt is made of nylon and polyester, the smaller the elastic modulus, inertia moment is smaller and then bending stiffness is smaller, the belt will produce larger bending, the bending rigidity of steel rope core Ribber Belt is very big, in the roller radius of curvature is very big also, in the support, the Ribber Belt without trustee roller can form another trough shape, rubber conveyor belt, the results of the bending stiffness less than the bending rigidity of belt rollers limit place, with smooth channel to expand, gradually reduced the groove Angle, the ultimate deflection down as all relaxed, material calculation to determine the elongation of bending resistance and elongation resistance, which needs to determine the size of the radius of curvature, however, there is no easy way to determine the minimum radius of curvature of trough Ribber Belt, and the industry is not effective model, for the correct estimate material bending resistance, huaxing Ribber Belt manufacturer to make the following assumptions:

In trough with dip the bending stiffness of Ribber Belt and belt of the bending rigidity is equal, in the belt conveyor roller support transportation belt is forced into the slot, at the roller support stiffness is very big, accordingly, in the material and abrasion resistant Ribber Belt curvature radius is big, after leaving the roller support, heavy Ribber Belt in the free state of the trough, the bending rigidity is determined by its deformation, the minimum radius of curvature will exist in the free hanging from the rigid slot to the most soft part.