Is The Long Conveyor Belt Easy To Run?

Is the long Conveyor Belt easy to run?
Conveyor Belt in the course of running, sometimes there will be deviation of the phenomenon. In general, due to the Conveyor Belt itself caused by the problem of Conveyor Belt deviation is rare, the Conveyor Belt is mainly the main reason for the conveyor. Conveyor because the roller is not parallel, the bracket is not vertical, roller rotation is not flexible reasons, can cause the Conveyor Belt deviation. For the relatively short Conveyor Belt, due to the unilateral roller rotation is not flexible and other factors are relatively large probability, the possibility of deviation of the Conveyor Belt is relatively large, and long Conveyor Belt, due to the increase in the number of rollers The asymmetry of the side effect is reduced, so that the deviation of the performance on the Conveyor Belt becomes less. Of course, except for individual cases, such as: aligning roller swing is not flexible or be tilted fixed, the roller surface is not clean enough, or the external environment, etc., can cause the Conveyor Belt deviation.
The upper and lower sides of the Conveyor Belt are mutually independent and independent of each other. In general, under the roller parallelism, roller level is not enough to cause the lower side of the Conveyor Belt deviation. The lower side of the deviation, and the upper side of the normal situation is basically due to poor cleaning device, under the roller sticky material, counterweight roller is not parallel, or counterweight bracket skew, under the roller are not parallel to each other , The specific circumstances to be adjusted according to the actual situation. In general, the lower side of the deviation can be corrected, you can improve the cleaning device by working conditions, remove the roller, the roller sticky material, adjust the lower side of the roller, the lower V-roller, or under the installation Side to adjust the roller to achieve the purpose of correcting.
In general, two different Conveyor Belts can not dock. But in some unexpected circumstances, the scene needs to have to take this approach when the emergency. With this method, it is best to put a layer of two layers of a seam on the bottom, and in the sealing glue to put the rubber material to eliminate the thickness of the two ends of the inconsistency of the impact of the Conveyor Belt joints.
The strength of the Conveyor Belt joint is lower than that of the normal belt. Generally mechanical connection, the joint strength can only reach the belt strength of 40-50%, cold sticky quality is better, the joint strength can reach 60-70%, while the thermal adhesive strength can reach 80-90% (Joint method is correct, no quality defects). Due to the strength of the joint part of the relatively low, if the bonding method is not correct, the joint strength will be more low, such as surgery, grinding and then hurt the next layer of cloth, polished over, lap length is not enough, the number of steps is not enough, Joint rubber used by the performance is not good or has been self-sulfur failure, excessive rope ropes, rope rust, etc., the strength of the joints will be greatly reduced, in use, prone to break the joint parts of the phenomenon.
In addition, the Conveyor Belt if the use of sealing adhesive, or adhesive joints in the wrong direction, the joint parts prone to cracking (rubber area).
When the Conveyor Belt is in normal operation, the belt speed is not lower than 95% of the roll speed. If the friction between the roller and the Conveyor Belt is not enough, the Conveyor Belt is prone to slip phenomenon. There are many reasons for the lack of friction between the roller and the Conveyor Belt. Common cases are: tension is not enough, the load starts, the roller surface friction coefficient is not enough.