How To Teeth Belt With The Market Development In The Future

How to Teeth Belt with the market development in the future

Teeth Belt manufacturer between the roller and the working resistance of the serious influence enterprise production efficiency, and solves the reduce the resistance between the roller and Teeth Belt, the production efficiency also have a certain degree of ascension. Studies have shown that the high performance of conveyor belt and high precision roller is helpful to reduce conveyor working resistance. To simulate the friction coefficient can be reduced with narrow roller spacing, but resistance will increase in value, in addition to the tipping point for protection tape external generally don't increase the density of the roller bearing period. Two sets of rollers are 1.5 m apart, good bearing the Teeth Belt, make the Teeth Belt sag shall not exceed the limit value to reduce the resistance; Glue and glue tape core use flame retardant materials, both good into a trough and reduce belt sag resistance. In order to accurately calculate the tape running resistance. On the contrary, increase the roller spacing abroad are usually taken to reduce the resistance value, but the design and installation to fully dynamic analysis and the basis of high quality roller, reliable operation to ensure belt conveyor.

Teeth Belt manufacturer, is a kind of point by point calculation method, which is according to the rubber gear with rear sag condition to finally determine the transmission drum ran away from the point of tension, and then calculate the conveyor drive roller meet some tension. In this way, early use more complex if the system is not applicable. Teeth Belt manufacturer, the other is a resistance superposition method, is the first conveyor of various resistance calculated one by one, and then added together to get the total resistance. Resistance can be calculated according to various operating conditions of Teeth Belt and rubber roller, but the accuracy needs to be improved. The Teeth Belt manufacturer, and there's a kind of iterative calculation method, is to take a way on the basis of calculation, finally it is concluded that the total resistance and tension of each point.

Teeth Belt manufacturer market truly global integration with the rise of China, any rubber machinery company is difficult to rely on the order of the country or a region and long-term survival, in the future market competition, Teeth Belt manufacturer in China will have more say, China's Teeth Belt market in the future will be more beautiful, more brilliant. Teeth Belt manufacturer mainly state-owned enterprises in our country, but in recent years, "privatization" process is accelerated, forecast in the next few years a few large rubber machinery enterprises restructuring the privatization, its sales will account for half. Service network will cover the global rubber machinery in China: China rubber machinery manufacturers will after-sales service as a final cleaning products. Especially with the increase of export products, it is necessary to establish their own service system in the world. In the next few years China rubber machinery service system will all over the world, further improve the market competitiveness of products.

Teeth Belt manufacturer, Teeth Belt in the process of operation, can appear sometimes running deviation phenomenon. Generally, because the belt itself problem cause Teeth Belt running deviation does not see more, Teeth Belt running deviation or conveyor main reason. Conveyor roller is not parallel to its, support is not vertical, the reason of roller rotation is not flexible, all can cause Teeth Belt running deviation. For short Teeth Belt, due to the single roller rotation is not flexible, and other factors have a larger chance, tooth with the possibility of running deviation is larger, and long Teeth Belt, due to the increase of the number of roller, the influence of unilateral asymmetry can be reduced, so the tooth wear of running deviation phenomenon will be less. Teeth Belt manufacturer, we believe that with the pattern of supply and demand change, the future trend in rubber prices steady, rubber Teeth Belt enterprise cost pressure drop.