How To Solve The Damage In The Operation Of The Conveyor Belt?

How to solve the damage in the operation of the Conveyor Belt?
 In the chemical industry, coal, mining, wharf and other industries widely used in the belt conveyor, the rubber belt components mainly installed in the same conveyor support frame, and a certain angle between the number of roller and the formation of the care The roller group is supported by the rubber conveyor so as to realize the long distance transport of the material. However, since the outer diameter of the grooved idler is perpendicular to its end, it is easy to cause cutting or cutting of the industrial conveyor Broken, not only shorten the life of the belt even in the operation will cause the normal operation of the line;
   In order to solve the problem of the vertical edge of the end of the Conveyor Belt, it is easy to cut or cut the belt, shorten the use cycle of the belt and even the sudden problems in the process of transferring the material. In the line, The rubber band is a special roller with an arc-shaped structure of the broken ring, which mainly comprises a roller body of a circular tube shape and is mounted on the inner axis of the inner wall of the roller body with a bearing Bearing is provided with a roller shaft at the shaft hole of the bearing. The outer end surface of the bearing is provided with a sealing assembly. The structure is characterized in that the two ends of the tubular roll body are bent toward the center of the tubular roll body respectively The shape of the arc, which is optimized by the form of the tube roller body and the end face of the roller, so that both ends of the roll body are bent toward the center of the circular arc surface and then are perpendicular to the end face Can make the Conveyor Belt in the course of operation, regardless of the user needs to transfer the material for the weight of how much, the belt and the roller in contact with the operation will never touch the vertical edge of the roller steel end, from It can guarantee the smooth operation of the rubber belt in the trough roller, completely preventing the tape cut or scratched by the action during operation caused by a fault;
   As the belt conveyor using this improved roller structure, both to extend the cycle of the Conveyor Belt cycle, reducing the user's daily maintenance costs, but also improve the overall efficiency of equipment on-site operations;
 In the international market environment, China's rubber industry Conveyor Belt industry to face the new environment, how to maintain a good momentum of sustained development, more and more attention from the industry. China in the "seven five" period, put the high strength and resistance to burning Conveyor Belt as the focus of technological transformation.
The state is also focused on safety, energy saving, environmental protection, high-strength Conveyor Belt, such products in the market has also been the user's trust, in response to the call of the state, the development of environmentally friendly energy-saving Conveyor Belt products. It seems that the development prospects of rubber Conveyor Belt is considerable, I believe the future competition is very intense.
After more than 20 years of efforts, high-tech products have become the leading products, including, to prevent the material down for long-distance transport of circular pit Conveyor Belt for food, electronic products such as non-polluting light Conveyor Belt Has occupied the market dominance. Is the rubber industry after the tire products, mainly for coal, wharf, metallurgy, machinery industry and warehousing industry, the material transmission, the product quality of the national economy and technology development level.
The general trend of the development of the Conveyor Belt in the world today is: to multi-variety, high-performance, lightweight, multi-functional, energy saving, safety, environmental protection, long life direction. It is not difficult to see that now the Conveyor Belt industry to take the road is undoubtedly to take a variety of, and to high-performance, lightweight, multi-functional, safe, environmentally friendly direction. Environmental protection has always been a policy advocated by the state, and environmental protection for conveyor enterprises is even more important, the state for the pollution of the environment in some ways is limited. So whether it is in response to the call of the state, or for the development of the environment itself. Environmental protection Conveyor Belt is the inevitable trend of modern economy.