How To Improve The Efficiency Of Conveyor Belt

Coal and mining industry dedicated flame retardant Conveyor Belt with flame retardant, anti-static, wear and other characteristics, this Conveyor Belt to meet the special application environment, how to improve the efficiency of flame-retardant Conveyor Belt is the focus of consumer concerns.
Control of flame retardant Conveyor Belt speed, wear and tear of the use of materials and the use of fixed pear discharge device should be used as low as possible. Too fast, easy to cause wear. Note that the use of roller, roller is missing, the roller is covered by materials and so will increase the wear of the flame retardant Conveyor Belt. Usually pay more attention to the active part of the flame retardant Conveyor Belt lubrication, but not oil pollution Conveyor Belt. Found that the flame retardant Conveyor Belt damage, should be promptly repaired to prevent damage to expand, can not make up.
Flame-retardant Conveyor Belt wear and scrap is the urgent need to solve the current problems in the use of the process to always pay attention to minor details of the changes in a timely manner to solve the problem to improve work efficiency.
Now there are many types of Conveyor Belt used in the production of which more stable performance will have to say that the heat-resistant Conveyor Belt and rubber and nylon Conveyor Belt products.
 Because they are not high production costs, and play a role in the environment is not strong, so a wide range of adaptability, but also to achieve the level and tilt of the transport, and transmission capacity is very strong, but also continuous operation, conveyor The ability to transport completely to rely on the work of the Conveyor Belt to reflect the completion of the general transport distance in the transport of the advantages of more obvious.
In the modern industrial and mining enterprises and transportation, the Conveyor Belt more and more materials, the production of metal Conveyor Belt also has a lot of use, in the environmental advantages of more obvious.
The work cycle is often linked with the service life of the Conveyor Belt, prompting the Conveyor Belt life and ensure the efficiency of the work on the basis of increasing the Conveyor Belt cycle of skills and methods as follows.
1, to understand the weight of the load, is strictly prohibited to start the load, part of the product because the service life is short, a large factor is due to tension is too large, premature crack aging, in line with the Conveyor Belt to carry material tension on the basis of the standard, Gradually increasing the weight;
2, belt conveyor head, tail and the middle of the transfer of the transition length and transition methods, the impact of the product life will be great. So try not to appear in the fold, the middle of the convex and so on;
3, select the appropriate type of belt conveyor machinery product protection equipment. 4, the problem can be part of the repair, the method is often used part of the hot vulcanization, spraying, the use of the sun, the sun can be used to protect the rubber Conveyor Belt, Repair techniques and so on.
With the increasing pressure on resources and the environment, the domestic production factors and resource products prices will continue to show an upward trend, which is bound to increase production costs. Weakening the competitive advantage.Therefore, we rubber Conveyor Belt industry to actively develop energy-saving products, materials, energy-saving new products to become a rubber Conveyor Belt industry, a mainstream. Nylon, EP canvas successfully replaced the original cotton canvas production of rubber Conveyor Belt, not only with light body.It is high strength, long service life and greatly reduces the power consumption of the conveyor, which is the rubber group in the "seven five. Of the rubber Conveyor Belt skeleton material in the history of a revolution.While the mid-seventies rubber six groups of general purpose wire rope rubber Conveyor Belt development, opened a steel, chemical fiber on behalf of the cotton overture, making the large volume, long distance delivery The use of the semi-continuous transport of the state of the car, so that the material delivery efficiency has a qualitative leap, but also makes the steel cord rubber Conveyor Belt developed into a fist product.While the rope, nylon, EP, aramid rubber Conveyor Belt development success , And further rubber Conveyor Belt production and research and development led to high-performance, less energy-saving direction of development, making high energy consumption, energy and energy supply of cotton canvas rubber Conveyor Belt peace zone out of the market, making these energy-saving new products In the power, metallurgy, building materials ports, terminals and other industries to play a huge role in energy saving.