How Is The Conveyor Belt Tested?

How is the Conveyor Belt tested?
 1. From the source to prevent the break, to strengthen the quality of coal Conveyor Belt control, increase the decontamination equipment, to impurity, reduce the number of magazines and more coal, in recent years with the improvement of coal quality i,

Cracked Conveyor Belt greatly reduced the phenomenon;
     2. The addition of fracture detection device, in the shortest possible time test results, alarm and shutdown, due to belt tear is caused by a variety of factors, can not completely avoid the Conveyor Belt fracture, the recent application of the defense

The tearing device and the inspection device are mainly torn inspection devices, generally located at the point of the fouling, consisting of a sensor and a controller mounted under a Conveyor Belt or chute, the controller is mounted on the machine side or in the room,

Debris tearing the Conveyor Belt, penetrate the Conveyor Belt debris or material extrusion sensor, the sensor signal to the controller, the controller sends an alarm signal and shut down, such devices have many forms, the principle is similar;
     3. To strengthen the management of machinery and equipment to improve the Conveyor Belt inspection and inspection efforts to prevent the liner and other sharp objects off;
     4. Improve the belt conveyor structure, by reducing the drop point drop, increase the buffer equipment, fine material first in the bulk material falling, etc., reduce the impact of material slowdown, reduce the magazine into the Conveyor Belt

     5. The use of detectable tearing industrial Conveyor Belt, in the product with a closed loop with the sensor, the detector installed in the easy to tear parts, the detector connected to the controller, the normal operation, the sensor through

Through the detector, send a pulse, cut off the sensor coil, the sensor through the detector, the detection of its stop pulse, the controller accepted, the alarm signal and stop;
     6. The use of anti-tear heat-resistant Conveyor Belt and can test the rubber wide belt, the port is rarely used, part of the mine used, anti-tear Conveyor Belt to the vertical rope skeleton material, in the band body to add lateral reinforcement as anti Tear layer, the structure of the layer is divided into two kinds: one is hanging plastic mesh; the other is the horizontal rope, cover the use of high strength, high flexibility, good wear resistance of the compound, different purposes of the plastic Strong level of strength.
 With the popularity of circular Conveyor Belts in industrial production, multi-species, high performance, lightweight, multi-functional, long life is the manufacturer concerned about several aspects. In industrial production, the correct use of circular Conveyor Belt is particularly important, the Conveyor Belt should pay attention to the following matters:
1, to avoid the roller is covered by the material, resulting in rotation is not working to prevent leakage of material in the roller and tape between the attention of the Conveyor Belt part of the lubrication, but not oil Conveyor Belt.
2, to prevent the Conveyor Belt load start.
3, ring Conveyor Belt deviation, should take timely measures to correct.
4, found that the Conveyor Belt local damage, the application of artificial cotton timely repair, so as not to expand.
5, to avoid the Conveyor Belt suffered a rack, pillar or block material block, to prevent breaking the tear.