For You To Solve The Edge Of The Teeth Belt Appear Tearing Reasons

For you to solve the edge of the Teeth Belt appear tearing reasons
From the transport machinery design and use is often found in the return of the stall support and lift does not meet the protection requirements, resulting in the stalls forced to pull under pressure in the dead, resulting in the group side of the phenomenon of tear or intermediate fracture.
    From the production process or material, if the rubber tear strength of more than 80, and, the ribs to the nylon fabric layer to do flexion, tear or transverse fracture will not happen. There is a ribs in the edge of the ribs is too thin, and some manufacturers to reduce the cost of the results incurred.
 The use of the Teeth Belt in the use of the Teeth Belt near the edge of the non-working surface of the phenomenon of canvas, which is mainly due to the results of the operation process, in the molding process did not remove the canvas's dead, or shrink layer, Pressure, non-working cover thin, canvas edge tight and thick, resulting in the vulcanization after the canvas pattern phenomenon, of course, will soon appear when the phenomenon of cloth. The
In general, the tension and counterweight of the Teeth Belt is determined by the operation of the Teeth Belt, and it is necessary to follow a principle that the tightening setting is appropriately set with the length of the Teeth Belt, In the Teeth Belt does not slip before the premise, the weight of the light the better; the impact of a lot of factors: weight position reasonable unreasonable, active roller surface material, wear and tear on the weight have a greater impact.
With the popularity of Teeth Belts in industrial production, many varieties, high performance, lightweight, multi-functional, long life is the manufacturer concerned about several aspects. In industrial production, the correct use of Teeth Belt is particularly important, the use of Teeth Belt should pay attention to the following matters:
    To avoid the roller is covered by the material, resulting in rotation is not working to prevent the leakage card in the roller and tape between, pay attention to the activities of the Teeth Belt lubrication, but not oil teeth;
    To prevent the tooth load to start;
    Teeth Belt deviation, should take timely measures to correct;
    Found that Teeth Belt local damage, the application of artificial cotton timely repair, so as not to expand;
    To prevent the Teeth Belt from the rack, pillar or block material block, to prevent the break through the tear.
With the process of Teeth Belt damage is inevitable things, how to repair the teeth after the damaged it?
Teeth Belt cold vulcanization repair
    The Teeth Belt broken parts with angle grinder with tungsten steel discs for grinding.
    According to the size of the damaged parts of the Teeth Belt to choose the size of the corresponding with a semi-vulcanized layer of dental tape repair or repair (repair or repair pieces at least break the damaged parts of 15 ~ 20mm) Yin US special recommended with a semi-vulcanized layer repair, repair It is recommended that the adhesive surface be subjected to deep grinding.
    Will be broken parts of the Teeth Belt and the teeth to repair the semi-vulcanized surface to brush the tape glue, dry for a while, and then the second time brushing (dry to sticky stick so far, at room temperature in general five minutes).
    The patch will be attached to the Teeth Belt grinding surface, with a rubber hammer or compaction roller to beat compaction, out of the air.
Tips: If the ambient temperature is too low recommended the use of iodine tungsten lamp or hot air gun heating 0.5-1 hours, if allowed to extend the heating time, will help improve the bonding surface strength.
Tooth heat vulcanization repair
    According to the size of the Teeth Belt damage, along the damage at least around 15 ~ 20mm, cut out the cutting line to 45 degrees angle oblique, and stripped of damaged cap rubber, cutting attention to not damage the following cloth layer or wire layer The 2. The Teeth Belt broken parts with angle grinder with tungsten steel discs for deep grinding, it is recommended to polish 3mm.
    Will be polished Teeth Belt covered with fabric reinforcement layer or wire reinforcement layer, the strengthening layer, broken parts of the brushing hot vulcanizing agent, the unvulcanized core around the four cut into the mouth, the same hot vulcanizing agent brushing The size of the unvulcanized gum is the same as the size of the damaged part.
    The vulcanization is carried out using a hot vulcanization patcher or a vulcanizer.