Factors Affecting The Impact Resistance Of The Conveyor Belt

Factors affecting the impact resistance of the Conveyor Belt
  The current Conveyor Belt has been widely used in coal mines, mines, ports, electricity, metallurgy, building materials and other working conditions, which is mainly used to transmit the required tear tear requirements of the material, with tensile strength, long life, Long, good, good resistance to flexion and other advantages, can be used for long distance, large span, large fortune, high-speed material transport, but in the course of use will be hit and damage, Vertical break or tear and other failures, will cause serious economic losses, so Kunshuo wire rope conveyor manufacturers through the impact of the process of testing, in-depth analysis of the impact of anti-tear rubber belt impact factor, can improve the use of production Rubber Conveyor Belt products provide a strong basis for impact resistance;
    The main indicators to measure the performance of the Conveyor Belt: mainly including the rated tensile strength, wear resistance, tear strength, impact strength, etc., for the Conveyor Belt, the longitudinal bearing of the main bearing for the wire rope, different rated tensile strength You need to select different diameter and structure of the steel cord core, affecting the tear strength of the belt, the impact strength of many factors, such as transverse wire rope diameter, spacing, covering the performance of plastic, thickness and longitudinal steel wire core spacing;
According to the test results, the relationship between the impact energy and the impact force is as follows: when the impact energy is less than 1000 kJ, the function curve is very regular, almost a straight line, when the impact energy is more than one thousand coke, the impact There is no obvious law of the change of the impact force and the impact energy. It is difficult to determine the relationship between the impact force and the impact energy. However, it can be seen from the several sets of curves that the general trend of the increase of the impact force with the increase of energy has not changed. The results are consistent, so the impact energy can be indirectly measured by the impact of the Conveyor Belt product impact resistance;
    The relationship between the thickness of the Conveyor Belt and the damage energy of the belt is analyzed. From the test results, it can be seen that the thickness of the Conveyor Belt is the main factor affecting the impact strength of the Conveyor Belt. Timing, with the increase in the thickness of the plastic body with the initial damage and the initial penetration of the required energy increased significantly, but to a certain thickness increase trend slowed down, or even reduced, it can be seen for the impact of wire Conveyor Belt performance, A coating thickness range can be the best impact resistance, the specifications of the Conveyor Belt on the ST800 cover thickness of 8 mm when the best impact strength, the choice of specifications for the ST1250 and ST2500 Conveyor Belt, on which Cover the glue for 10 mm when the best impact resistance can be obtained;
 Effect of transverse reinforcement on impact resistance of Conveyor Belt: Three sets of samples were used to analyze the relationship between lateral reinforcement and damage energy of Conveyor Belt. From the test results, it can be seen that the single- Improve the impact resistance of the belt body, double zonal reinforcement can further improve its impact resistance, and with the Conveyor Belt rated strength increases, the lateral reinforcement to improve the impact of the impact will be weakened;
    Effect of Gluing Performance on Impact Resistance of Conveyor Belt: Impact test for wire rope conveyor products with resistance to wear, wear resistance and general type.
  According to the test results of the anti-tear rubber Conveyor Belt with the thickness of 10mm and the rated strength of ST1250, it is shown that the physical characteristics of the Conveyor Belt cover have some influence on the impact strength, especially the wear resistance The other two kinds of cover plastic strength 30% higher, the tensile strength, tensile strength, hardness than the other two kinds of cover glue much higher, so it has a high initial damage and initial penetration strength, so the user according to different Impact characteristics of the requirements, to select the different Conveyor Belt covered plastic surface;
    According to the above analysis, the final conclusion that can be summarized is that the external impact force of the conveyor product is basically linear with the energy, and the covering rubber thickness is the main factor affecting the impact strength of the belt body, Can further enhance the impact resistance of the Conveyor Belt, at the same time with the plastic properties of the cover to improve its impact strength with the increase.