Conveyor Belt Repair Introduction

Conveyor belt repair introduction

(A), the conveyor belt of cold curing repair

Conveyor belt cold curing repair

1. conveyor belt broken parts polished with grinding machine with tungsten carbide grinding discs.

2. According to the conveyor belt broken parts with half of the size choice corresponding sulfide layers of conveyor belt repair or repair (repair of damaged parts or repair at least 15~20mm) Yin Mei Te suggested that section using the first cure repair, fix, without first cure bonding surface layer of material recommended for deep grinding.

3. conveyor belt broken parts and belt mending brush belt the first cure glue drying reset and second brush (dry-mounted to not sticking so far, cases in five minutes at room temperature).

4. put straightening repair belt grinding surface, compaction wheel to beat with a rubber hammer or compaction, out of the air.

Note: If the ambient temperature is too low recommended use tungsten lamp or heat gun, heat for 0.5-1 hour, if time allows prolonged heating time, will help improve the bond strength.

(B), the conveyor belt vulcanizing patch

1. According to the conveyor belt type of damage along the damaged 15~20mm four weeks at least, underline the excision repair lines, inclined at a 45-degree angle cut and stripped of damaged cover gel, cutting, take care not to damage the cloth or wire layer below.

2. the damaged parts with angle conveyor belt grinding machine with tungsten carbide grinding discs deep grinding, recommends grinding 3mm.

2. finished conveyor belts covered with textile-reinforced layers or steel wire reinforcing layer, to brush the strengthening layer, the damaged parts of vulcanizing agents, will cut the uncured rubber core around four oblique, the same painted tile of the thermal curing agent (uncured rubber to and damaged parts of the same size).

3. using a hot vulcanizing repair pressure, heating or curing press for curing.

Tips: press controller temperature control in the 145-150 between upper and lower curing temperature stability good, began curing time 35-45 minutes. (According to the thickness of the belt, and each piece of Vulcanized rubber, vulcanized 1mm plate every 4 minutes) press temperature drops to below 70 deg c to unlock press water pressure, and then remove curing machine.