Conveyor Belt Maintenance Rules, Maintenance Time

Conveyor belts used to look after maintenance, conveyor belt use also like people, maintenance is better when you are young, as they grow older, traces in the face of our time will be less. Conveyor belt is the same, well maintained, can increase their service life.

Conveyor belt idlers to scheduled maintenance, the main thing is to roll with butter, let the machine run resistance decreased, preventing the machine from slow wear. This time is usually once every three months, or one quarter, four times a year to the maintenance. Every year you want to a big conveyor belt roller repair work, to ensure the normal work of conveyor belts in the coming year, not when it suddenly strikes, transportation with what can be known in advance, ahead of emergency preparedness. After the maintenance, to the maintenance of a record, preventing a long time on maintenance of conveyor belt rollers without the law.

Although we make all the maintenance and repair work, but in the working days, conveyor belt problem is down, we can't avoid, and when this happens, it should report immediately as superior, timely and effective treatment, prevent big problems in the shortest possible time to solve problems and reduce losses. Not to arbitrarily remove the conveyor belt to prevent influence. When using a belt conveyor, to safety, to the red button to switch off the machine, wait until after the conveyor belt stopped, power, not only to ensure your safety, can also prevent the conveyor belt malfunction.