Above The Conveyor Belt Does Not Run On The Following Deviation Caused By What?

Conveyor belts from top to bottom on both sides is mutual influence and independent of each other. In General, lower roller parallelism, roller level will cause enough conveyor with lateral deviation. Downside deviation and normal the situation is basically due to the sweeping device in the upper side, bottom roller sticks has materials, weights roller are not parallel, or weight bracket oblique and lower rollers are not parallel to each other, which is adjusted according to the actual situation. Generally speaking, downside deviation can be corrected, through improved working conditions sweeping device, removal of roller, adhesive material on the roller, adjust lower flat roller, side v-roller, or install bottom spherical roller to achieve the purpose of correction. Bao like a conveyor belt to the sales product tracking service. Life for you to answer using the problems occurred in the process.