Ribber Belt Industry Characteristics

Ribber Belt industry characteristics
Rubber products with a wide range of applications, the product performance requirements are very fine, different performance requirements of different industries. Downstream industry, the different application environment and use of Ribber Belt performance requirements vary greatly, the technical capacity of the enterprise made a very high demand. In this regard, companies need to cover the material through the modified, skeleton fabric processing and to find the right backing materials and the best manufacturing process in order to achieve different rubber band performance, part of the performance of high-end products also need to combine advanced rolling technology Can be achieved.
  The value of the Ribber Belt is low in the value of the entire assembly line or the delivery equipment, but it is an indispensable part of the normal operation of the equipment. If there is a problem, it will have a significant adverse effect on the daily production and management of the customer. Therefore, the downstream direct users of the service requirements of the higher timeliness, which requires companies to keep abreast of the customer's Ribber Belt use and be able to replace, repair Ribber Belt needs in a short time to respond. Therefore, the construction of market service network is one of the important ways for rubber enterprises to deal with market competition.
Rubber tape with the upper and lower cover plastic
    Rubber tape with the upper and lower cover rubber is currently more use of natural rubber, foreign countries sometimes use special wear and weathering rubber tape, such as the use of tires modified rubber tire as plastic, to improve its service life. A mixture of synthetic rubber and natural rubber.

Rubber joints are also divided into mechanical joints and vulcanized joints. As the mechanical joint strength is low, generally not used, and the main use of curing joints.

Rubber rope in the vertical arrangement of the rope, the two are not related to the rope, the use of rubber between the two to do the "media" for heating, pressure, curing, so that they are connected as a whole, this is the vulcanization joint method The Practice has shown that if there is sufficient adhesion and adhesion length (ie, the length of the two wire rope lap joints), the strength of the joint can greatly exceed the breaking strength of the wire rope itself. Joint strength depends mainly on the vulcanized rubber and rope between The load of the steel cord is carried by this adhesive force, and the adhesion force is expressed by the ratio of the force required to pull the roller from the rubber with the adhesive area of the rope.

The strength at the joint is also related to the spacing of the wire ropes at the joint. (D for the wire rope diameter, not less than 2mm, but when the work tension and wire rope diameter of more than 10mm. Sometimes have to use more than 0.3d effective spacing. Do vulcanization joints need to have a set of vulcanization equipment.