Teeth Belt Must Have The Characteristics

Teeth Belt must have the characteristics
In the toothed belt, the quality of wire rope is one of the key factors that determine the length of life of the toothed belt, must have the following characteristics.

1. should have a high breaking strength. Steel core strength is high, the strength of the tooth can be increased. From another point of view, the higher the strength of the steel cord, the smaller the diameter of the rope used, the tooth can be done thinner, in order to reduce the size of the conveyor, saving metal and rubber purposes.

2. Steel cord and rubber should have a high adhesion. This is of great significance for the vulcanization joint. The main measure to improve the adhesion between the rope and the rubber is to electroplate brass on the surface of the rope and use hard rubber.

3. should have a high fatigue strength, otherwise the rope fatigue, its adhesion with the rubber that is down until completely

4. should have a better flexibility. Pre-deformation measures in the manufacturing process to eliminate the residual stress in the rope, the steel cord can be better flexible and not loose.

Tooth the use of the upper and lower cover rubber is currently more use of natural rubber, foreign countries sometimes use special wear and weathering rubber tape, such as the use of tires modified rubber tire as plastic, to improve its service life. A mixture of synthetic rubber and natural rubber.

The joint of the toothed belt is also divided into mechanical joints and vulcanized joints. As the mechanical joint strength is low, generally not used, and the main use of curing joints.

The ribs in the toothed belt are longitudinally arranged, and the two non-associated ropes are heated, pressurized and vulcanized by means of the rubber that is held between the two, so that they are connected together as a whole, which is the vulcanized joint method The Practice has proved that if the roller has enough adhesion and the length of the adhesive (that is, the length of the two wire rope lap joints, the strength of the joints can be much higher than the strength of the rope itself breaking strength at the joint depends on the strength of vulcanized rubber and rope The force of the steel cord is carried by the adhesive force, and the adhesion force is expressed by the ratio of the force required to pull out the rubber from the rubber and the area of the steel cord.