Conveyor Belt Industry Quickly Occupied The Material Transportation Market

Conveyor Belt industry quickly occupied the material transportation market
Over the years is committed to the Conveyor Belt structure and weaving a new technology research, in a small prototype woven glass fiber high temperature straight through the fabric, completed the vertical five rapier loom of the whole set of mechanical processing, the development of more successful Formed with multi-rapier weft insertion technology and patented. It is hoped that with the Conveyor Belt production enterprises and machinery manufacturing enterprises to work together to create a new loom, the use of new looms, and promote the development of China's Conveyor Belt industry.

(1) control cotton warp of the heddle, each with two heddle.

(2) Conveyor Belt structure for each additional layer of latitude, Kai sector only in each heel to add a heddle eye, weft insertion department to add a rapier.

(3) The movement of the polyester warp has three upper and lower positions. The order of movement is upper, middle, middle and middle.

(4) cotton warp and only the upper and lower surface of the weft intertwined.

(4) for each additional layer of weft (4) and a set of warp (4), the structure of the Conveyor Belt increased by a layer of weft.

The structure of the two-layer latitude whole-core Conveyor Belt is the foundation of the multi-layer weft whole Conveyor Belt.

We know that the strength of the Conveyor Belt depends mainly on the strength of the Conveyor Belt, the three-tier weft Conveyor Belt with two sets of warp, the strength of up to 1000N / mm, and five-story latitude Conveyor Belt with four warp, the strength is Three-tier weft (two-layer warp) Conveyor Belt twice the strength, that is, 2000N / mm.Therefore, do not use high-strength warp, with our new technology can weave high-strength Conveyor Belt.
In the summer when we live on the Conveyor Belt, especially after the rain after bonding, brushing the surface of the adhesive layer after drying, often there will be a layer of white mist, when the paste is often found when the adhesive glue strength, joints Sticky, the formation of "wet days non-stick" phenomenon.

This is due to the summer or after the rain, the air humidity, the solvent in the solvent during the evaporation process will take away a lot of heat from the surface layer, so that the water vapor in the air condensation on its surface, the formation of white mist. The water-borne interface formed by the white mist is incompatible with the oily interface formed by the adhesive. The various chemical forces formed between the two interfaces are small, showing that the bonded joint has no strength and the bonding failure is caused.

To solve such problems, should be used baking method, heating to remove the surface of water mist, until the adhesive layer is dry to sticky stick and sticky feeling can be bonded.