What are laid with the categories of the purposes

Belt type:
General conveying with; rubber conveying with; canvas (CC) conveying with; nylon (NN) conveying with; poly fat (EP) conveying with; heat conveying with; ring conveying with; block side conveying with; big dip block side conveying with; skirt side conveying with; pattern conveying with, acid alkali conveying with, resistance oil conveying with, resistance burning burn conveying with, resistance high temperature conveying with, Hardy conveying with, whole core flame retardant conveying with (PVC/PVG);
Conveyor belt use:
A, normal conveyor belt 1, this product is made of cotton canvas (CC) or d-cotton mixed dip-canvas (VC) by calendering, molding, and curing processes refined form. 2, this product is suitable for the transportation of non-corrosive-free at room temperature spikes of massive, granular, powder of a variety of materials, such as coal, coke, sand, cement and other bulk material (material), or as articles. 3, the product meet the requirements of different conditions of use, can be made into edge, open edge, ladder, ladder and other different structures. Note: 1, special specifications, please email us or come to face. 2, upper and lower coating thickness can be selected according to the ranges in the table. 3, belt width and overburden thickness deviation according to national standards and tape length GB/T4490-94 requirements. 4, longitudinal series of full thickness tensile strength specifications according to the GB/T7894-87 implementation.
Second, nylon conveyor belt is composed of multiple layers of nylon canvas glued together according to a certain way, the upper and lower cover strong and elastic rubber. Used for transportation of small block/granular/powder-like objects, suitable for high speed, long distance transport for impact resistance. Variety: according to cover properties can be divided into general use and wear-resistant/retardant. Nylon conveyor belt with belt thin, high tensile strength, good impact resistance, good performance, ply adhesion strength, flexibility and excellent, long life and other characteristics, suitable for long distance, high load under high speed conditions of transportation of materials. Model: NN80, NN125, NN100, NN150, NN200, NN300, NN400; general standard: GB/T7984-2001; fire-resistant standards: GB/T10822-89 specifications (1) bandwidth: 100mm-3000mm (2): 2-8 (3) cover: face: 1.5-8mm non-face: 0mm-4.5mm Than ordinary cotton and nylon conveyor belt conveyor belt with high tensile strength, good elasticity and impact resistance, light weight, trenching and other advantages, it can effectively reduce the transportation cost, high speed and large span, long distance transportation.
Three, polyester (EP) conveyor belt polyester conveyor belt is composed of multiple layers of polyester (or polyester, weft polyester amino) canvas in a certain way to glue together, cover up and down high tensile strength, good elasticity of rubber. Used for transportation of small block/granular/powder and other materials. Suitable for long distances, higher loading, conveying materials under high-speed conditions. Varieties: cover rubber property can be divided into general purpose type of forcing crack/strong wear-/,/-acid/base. EP conveyor belt in addition to the many advantages of the nylon conveyer belt, also has a small height, does not reduce the unique advantages of wet strength. This is especially important for long distance transportation and damp working conditions. EP canvas available strength specifications: 100N/mm 125N/mm 150N/mm 200N/mm 250N/mm 300N/mm 400N/mm.
Four, heat resistant conveyor belt: heat resistant conveyor belt is mainly used for high temperature materials, such as hot sinter and Coke, hot cement clinker, casting and so on. According to the damage and loss of transporting capacity of the main tropical and different heat levels, each cover is made of EPDM or rubber; high permeability polyester cotton canvas or strong canvas layer. Between the cover and the frame layer to format auxiliary heat-resistant glass cloth to improve resistance to tropical life. According to user requirements, can be made into a ring.
Five, oil resistant conveyor belts oil resistant conveyor belt cover compound with high content of acrylic nitrile butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber as the main material, with cotton canvas, canvas or nylon EP canvas is a strong layer. For delivery of oil-containing materials and exposure in the work environment of the oil (fuel oil or solvents). Has a low rate of volume change, high intensity rate, using a wide range of advantages.
Six-, acid-and alkali-resistant conveyor belt suitable for contact and acid-base work environments, such as phosphate fertilizer manufacture, sea salt drying, cover made of rubber and plastics mixing and filling inert material with excellent acid and alkali, and better performance than a neoprene chemical resistant belts conveyor belt. Skeleton materials used EP canvas, more reliable than the core-cotton canvas with acid properties. General ring.