Rubber belt manufacturing process technology development

In rubber technology and device processing technology has two main aspects: the maturing of the traditional technology and equipment on the one hand, on the other hand is the development of non-traditional concepts of new technologies;
Mixing, calendering, extrusion, molding and vulcanization are five basic processes, modern equipment and tools have made tremendous progress, now mixing equipment mixer, because upper and lower auxiliary configuration and microcomputer control has enabled it to achieve a higher level of automation;
From in the 1980 of the 20th century yilai, cold feeding extrusion machine became has mainstream, hot feeding extrusion machine using in reduced, pumping vacuum cold feeding extrusion machine more wins a raised, it makes extrusion of semi-finished products no gas Kong Qiemi to, is third generation extrusion machine, screw rod is extrusion machine in the of main parts, currently pin screw Rod became mainstream, addition in sulfide media aspects, nitrogen as sulfide media will further universal, allegedly nitrogen sulfide can makes rubber transport with of life extended 1 time times, in rubber conveying with of sulfide technology Shang near ten years to get has widely application Industrial curing equipment, advanced chemical industries in foreign countries have been using hydraulic curing press, vacuum vulcanizing press, high degree of automation of the introduction mold platen press and General platen press transfer belt with injection molding press platen press, while in continuous vulcanization and injection moulding has a progress update;
With technology of development appeared has large excellent of limited Yuan software, can compared meet actual to simulation out products sulfide process in the of temperature field, not only can developed more reasonable of sulfide conditions and can achieved intelligent control, Baoding China XING rubber conveying with manufacturers has big range application limited Yuan analysis three dimensional technology, makes conveying with quality get has quality of leap, in non-traditional of new concept technology aspects has representative of is full automation production, research more advanced of manufacturing technology, its main points is:
① the continuous low temperature rubber;
② directly out of the rubber component;
③ braiding/winding frame layer on the drum;
④ precured rings rubber coating;
⑤ Electric curing;
New concept of key equipment is special extrusion machine, reasonable configuration special around forming woven no joint ring conveying with and with beam layer, and around forming winding wire get wire circle, and triangle rubber article and other of rubber component, the rubber component not after cooling Park, also don't again processing and pre configuration, and directly forming, in forming process in the has been in heating State, transport with rubber surface in forming of while was pre sulfide to reached scheduled type, new concept rubber with manufacturing technology has save investment, and accounted for to area less and efficiency high of features.