Properties of commonly used rubber conveyor belts

Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber NBR has good mechanical properties, resistance to mineral oils, water, ozone, a, b, c, butane, and -40~120 making o-ring, oil cover bowls and other General General hydraulic launch system for static seal or seals.

POM POM good oil resistance, abrasion resistance, high compressive strength, good impact resistance, good lubricity, dimensional stability. -30~140 production of guide rings, ring, support ring

Polyphenylene sulfide PPS of high performance engineering plastic, high strength insulation -40~260 for oil, oil well Spud, power electronics high insulating parts.

Polyurethane TPU is an oil-resistant, hydrolysis of nontoxic, high wear-resistant materials. -40~100 used for the cylinder axis, GY for hole-sealing ring and FS dust, etc.

FKM FKM heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, ageing resistance resistant to mineral oils, extrusion, -40~220 generally used in harsh environments, such as the static sealing of the metallurgical industry, construction machinery.

EPDM rubber EPDM high temperature and steam resistance, weak acids and contains no mineral oil brake fluid -40~160 for high temperature gas seals can reach (200 degrees)

PTEF Teflon chemical stability and resistance to high and low temperatures and a variety of media, low coefficient of friction, lubrication. -260~260 commonly used in mechanical seal material, production wear ring, guide ring, used in metallurgy, materialized, construction machinery etc.

Silicone MVQ heat-resistance, cold resistance, compression, deformation is small, but the low mechanical strength. -60~230 are suitable for high and low temperature high speed rotation and food mechanical seal.

MC Nylon with nylon 1010, nylon 66 chemical properties of oil-cast nylon and good mechanical properties, can be substituted for part of the metal mechanical products. -10~200 used in machinery manufacturing, petroleum, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, paper, iron and steel industries.