How do I prevent rubber conveyor belt overheating damage

Industrial production of conveyor belts and roller long exposure and continued under high temperatures will arise. This high temperature lasting a long time would cause the conveyor belt performance problems occur, temperature of conveying belt joint can have the highest limits, generally does not exceed the normal maximum. Different conveyor belt, of course the acceptable maximum temperature is not the same, there are limits of the environment, conveyor belts in the wide-open spaces, the direct sunlight will heat up, and then, under this scenario, conveyor belt surface cooling than a closed workshop will be faster. Even if it did not reach the maximum withstand temperature, long-term use to transport will also have adverse effects.

Above, we know that, even in the absence of transport maximum specified temperature is reached, if too close to do so. The rated temperature of the rubber conveyor belt vulcanizing agent and add the catalyst for both decisions. Most roller manufacturers in order to ensure that the production and transport of the product has high security, typically uses conveyor belts of Vulcanized component temperatures are higher. Such extreme temperatures when the conveyor is not vulnerable, can withstand long periods of heat, remain in the normal state.

Of course, conveying and processing technology is sure to improve, vulcanizing material is on the one hand, processing roller technology the process should not be underestimated. Points need to be added in the production process of related measures to extend the curing time, can guarantee the achievement of higher levels of the good. Performance guarantees for transport, recommendations when using rollers need to be at room temperature or slightly lower temperature conditions.