How can I accurately determining the gas permeability of the conveyor belt?

Mixer based on certain parameters of the mixing process of rubber conveyor belt control to your mixing processes, thus ensuring optimum rubber compound mix and reducing the volume of plastic material quality fluctuation between should be properly selected;
Standard power curve is using China XING rubber with manufacturers through power points device mapping mixed refining process of instantaneous power consumption and mixed refining time of relationship curve, elected transport with rubber material performance best of curve as standard curve, and to out mixed refining process of energy total and the stage of cumulative energy value, to this as mixed refining of energy control standard, as long as formula and process same, mixed refining process of energy and power curve of shape also as, the batch rubber material Zhijian of quality uniform;
Then should will mixed refining conditions and original of standard for control and amendment, obtained not by mixed refining conditions effect of energy standard or units energy set value as row rubber standard due to mixed refining process in the rubber material of shear deformation volume is decided rubber material mixed dispersed State of main factors, in mixed refining Qian must cleaning machine Taiwan, prevent mix other rubber material, butyl rubber cold flow sex big, package roll sex poor, tie agent mixed dispersed difficult, high fill formula rubber material easy stick roll, so open refining machine mixed refining common introduction material method and thin pass method, Mixer mixing capacity can be slightly larger than natural rubber, needed as early as reinforcing fillers, to increase the effectiveness of mechanical shear, and according to the above process ensures job site ease of seamless joint of rubber conveyor belts, production, mix it with high temperatures better dispersibility, amount high recipe method and inverse method available when mixing;
Neoprene mixed refining health heat more, on temperature changes sensitivity big, easy stick roll and Coke burn, tie agent dispersed more slow, mixed refining capacity, and ratio should be small, roll temperature to low, general type chlorine d rubber in at room temperature to 70 ℃ Shi for elastic State, mixed refining package roll sex good, tie agent easy dispersed, above 70 ℃ is particles State, within poly force weak, serious stick roll, tie agent hard dispersed, non-sulfur regulation type CR of elastic state temperature ceiling for 79 ℃, stick roll and Coke burn tendencies smaller, open refining machine mixed refining Qian roll temperature than Hou roll low 5-10 ℃, Must be located below 40-50, roller spacing to gradually adjust from large to small, first adding magnesium oxide, and finally added with zinc oxide to prevent scorching, mixer segment mixing method is usually used when mixing, discharge conveyor belt production equipment will generally lower capacity, mixing zinc oxide in the second paragraph of the Tablet dosing;
By using the mixer, mixing high temperature can help to fillers and softening agent for dispersion and mechanical properties improvement of mixing temperature and generally the 150-160 c, ethylene-propylene rubber formulation and filling volume is high, than other belts of rubber mixing capacity levels of 10%-15%.