Fire hose use method

Method / Step 1:

Open the fire hydrant door and take out the hose and water gun.


Method / Step 2:

Check if the water hose and connector are good. If it is damaged, it is strictly forbidden to use.


Method / Step 3:

Lay the hose in the direction of the fire to avoid kinking.


Method / Step 4:

Connect the water hose to the fire hydrant end and connect it to the fire hydrant. When connecting, insert the connecting buckle into the chute accurately and tighten it clockwise.


Method / Step 5:

Connect the other end of the hose to the water gun (the connection procedure is the same as the hydrant connection).


Method / Step 6:

After the connection is completed, at least 2 people hold the water gun and align it with the fire (do not be against people, prevent high pressure water from hurting people).


Method / Step 7:

Slowly open the hydrant valve to the maximum and align the fire at the root of the fire.