Fire hose use method

Pull the fire hydrant door open. In an emergency, you can use a heavy object to open it and remove the hose and water gun. Do not rush to connect at this time. First check whether the hose, water gun, and joints are intact. If they are damaged, they cannot be used. Lay the hose in the direction of the fire. At this time, be careful to avoid contact with sharp objects and oily objects during the laying process. Do not bend the fire hose. Connect one end of the hose to the fire hydrants. When connecting, insert the connection buckle into the chute accurately. Tighten clockwise and connect the other end to the water gun in the same way. After the connection was completed, at least two people gripped the water gun and aimed at the fire. At this time, slowly open the fire hydrant valve to the maximum and aim at the root of the fire to extinguish the fire. After use, fire hoses and foam fire hoses must be cleaned and protected. After washing, dry to dry and roll it back into the fire hydrant window.