Conveyor Setup!

Before you install the rubber belt conveyor belt conveyor, must in transport towers and silos after the end of the installation, all conveyor installation and adjustment in accordance with the drawings and geological parameters.
Conveyor installation steps:
1. line;
2. check the civil construction, view of anchor bolts and embedded steel plates;
3. check the location of conveyor components;
4. in accordance with anchor bolts installed truss;
5. install and adjust equipment (including upper and lower rollers, wiper, drive, and so on);
6. install belt hoist;
7. install the telescopic head;
8. installation of Guide material Groove;
9. install the tensioning device;
10. installation of all electrical parts support;
11. tape cutting and curing connection.
Conveyor electrical installation steps:
1. install cables and pipelines;
2. install limit switches, protective devices, electric control cabinet, etc;
3. install lamp
4. lay the cables;
5. Connect electrical wires.
When the end of the conveyor is installed, to paint the damaged part in accordance with the technical specifications required for filling spray paint. Second to lubricants Handbook and program will add oils or lubricant added to the following conveyor equipment: gearbox bearings, bearing housings, motor, coupling, crane.