Analysis on the causes affecting the rubber conveyor belt

Conveyor belts in use, easy items rubber aging, loss, after research, there are several factors causing aging of rubber:

1) oxygen: oxygen with rubber in rubber molecule a free radical chain reaction, rupture or excessive cross-linking molecular chain, causing rubber properties change. Oxidation is one of the important reason for rubber.
 2) ozone, ozone-depleting chemical activity is much higher than oxygen, more damage, it also is to make the chain breaks, but the effect of ozone on rubber deformation of rubber or not is different. As for deformation of rubber (primarily unsaturated rubbers), and perpendicular to the direction of stress cracks appear, the so-called "ozone cracking"; when acting on the deformation of the rubber, only surface oxide film without cracking.
 3) heat: temperature can be caused by thermal cracking or thermal Crosslinking of rubber. But the heat's basic role is activation. Enhance oxygen diffusion oxidation reaction rate and activation, so as to accelerate the rate of oxidation of rubber, which is a universal aging--aging.
 4): the greater the shorter the waves, energy. Damage to the rubber is a high energy ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light in addition to directly cause faults and Crosslinking of rubber molecules chains, a rubber due to absorption of light energy and producing free radicals, caused and accelerated oxidation chain reaction process. Ultraviolet light plays a heating effect. Another feature of light (and heat effect of different) is mainly on the surface of rubber. High rubber content of the sample, reticular cracks can occur on both sides, the so-called "light outer layer crack."
 5) mechanical stress: the conveyor belt mechanical stress over and under as well as constant friction and roller process will break the rubber molecules chains to generate free radicals, oxidation chain reaction is raised, forming chemical processes. Mechanical faults and mechanical activation of molecular chain oxidation. An advantage which can, depending on its condition. In addition, easily lead to ozone cracking under stress.
 6) water: water has two aspects: the rubber in the humid air in the rain or when soaked in water, easy to destroy, which is water soluble in rubber material dissolved by water extraction and water groups composition. Hydrolyzed or absorption causes. Especially in the water and under the effect of alternating atmosphere exposure, will accelerate the destruction of the rubber. However, in some cases water on the rubber is not destructive, even delaying the effects of aging.
 7): effect on rubber or chemicals, metal ions and high-energy radiation, and biological.